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A Guide To Choosing Proper Security Cameras

A home, a warehouse or a business place are not just mere buildings. They house important property assets and financial documents.

Statistics confirm that a large percentage of the population store their most sentimental and valuable possessions in unsecured locations.

That is why the most important aspect of an asset holder is the installation of security cameras. Proper installation should always be carried out by professional security camera Houston service providers.

Involving professionals eliminates instances of errors. Security camera technology is so advanced that equipment today can be the size of a rice grain and still perform efficiently.

More and more individuals are seeing the benefits of installing a security camera and yet the crime rate is still shooting up. The problem becomes choosing the proper equipment for a specific task.

Tips on choosing security cameras

Over time security cameras have become more specialized. The market is flooded with motion-sensing cameras, video and audio types, underwater security cameras and night vision models.

They have changed many people’s lives by making life easier. A user needs to understand where they will use the cameras and for what purpose. Below are some considerations before choosing an effective security camera.

What are the lighting conditions?

In the case of a business owner, they need to carry out a test or invite a professional to do it. The test is to determine which models will work best with the lighting conditions of the installation location.

Thinking about where the light will be is vital, for instance, is the floor reflective? Is there a strong backlighting that will create glare?

The whole essence of this exercise is to avoid placing security cameras in blind spots created by natural or artificial lighting.

As advanced as technology has become, cameras are still struggling to process light and the best ones which can easily match the quality of the human eye cost a fortune.

Many business owners consider these gadgets an afterthought until an incident occurs and something valuable is lost. That is when they scramble to install the latest models on the market.

Despite the limitations mechanisms such as light filtering technology like IR filters and artificial illuminators can amplify or reduce the amount of lighting reaching the sensor. Thus making cheaper security cameras efficient at their task.

How much detail and image clarity is required?

The size of the area to be monitored will determine the resolution required. For example, wider detailed spaces require high-resolution cameras to ensure image quality is not compromised during zooming.

Office rooms and reception areas, on the other hand, require low-resolution cameras. High-resolution models are expensive but also they are not recommended for all situations.

That is why an inspection should be carried out beforehand preferably by a professional to determine the most cost-effective and quality installation for a specific location.

What is the size of the area to be monitored?

The security camera installation for a factory line floor is not the same as that for a personal closet safe box. A camera requires a consistent source of power to operate effectively.

It is paramount that such a source of power cannot be accessed by a third party. A security camera should be hooked onto a backup power source in case there is a normal power failure.

A user needs to consider the blueprint of the floor area when assessing the amount and types of cameras needed. For instance, PTZ cameras work best for large areas given their large range of views and ability to produce detailed images.

Installing top range CCTV cameras is expensive but a thorough assessment of the location will cut down on unnecessary costs.

Smaller areas are better monitored with static cameras. It is important to note that all security cameras require some kind of network to function optimally.

Case in point most businesses will only require a LAN network and large businesses will require a WAN network.

Other types of security cameras

Below is a list of various security cameras that perform specific functions and are suited to different end-users.
The Nest Camera Outdoor is considered the best overall security camera on the market.

  • Simplicam is known to come with an extended warranty.
  • The Lorex security camera is the best in the night vision. These cameras are recommended for camping and for monitoring other outdoor night activities.
  • Ring spotlight camera is the best smart home security camera. They are more suited for large properties and monitoring large home areas.
  • Arlo Proz is known for being the best waterproof camera design.
  • Swann Bullet camera is the best when it comes to motion detection. This type of camera can detect anything or anyone that might be in motion. Newer models are advanced enough to detect the slightest motion whether made by an insect or the wind.

Selecting the right security camera for an individual need is the best investment anyone can make. Today anyone can receive camera feedback on their mobile device and that proves how affordable security camera systems have become.

Technology is continuing to make the world safer.

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