Are You Just Wasting Your Time in a Relationship Just for the Sake of Compatibility?

It is very difficult to find someone like-minded. When you come across such a person who can cross off all your checkboxes, you immediately start wondering if this person is your soulmate.

But before you jump the gun to that inference, you might want to look up the difference between compatibility and true love.

Most often they mean completely different things. Many experts say that this knowledge can prevent you from wasting your time in the wrong relationship.

Compatibility might have different parameters for each individual, depending on their nature, likes, and dislikes. You might have an idea of what yours looks like.

It might point to things you enjoy, your hobbies, your food preferences, and your secret pleasures. But the most important ones are your views regarding marriage and children.

Love, on the other hand, runs much deeper that you may or may not understand, but you feel it inside you. It enables you to find joy when you are near them, miss them, support them, and protect them. Many people refer to this feeling as “butterflies in the stomach” or “heart skipping a beat”.

You might have compatibility with your partner without love, but you definitely cannot feel love for your partner if you two aren’t compatible.

Sometimes it might be difficult to be sure about your compatibility. you can try alternative ways on the internet, like drawing up an accurate love horoscope.

These are some of the signs that might point out to you if you are compatible, but you are not truly in love with your partner.

You Feel Safe

Compatibility and love can often overlap. At times compatibility might even give way to falling in love. If you are part of a relationship because your partner gives you a sense of security, chances are that you are pretending to be in love because you are scared of being single.

You feel emotionally satisfied by your partner. Even though it might not seem like the wrong thing to do, it might be a wrong reason to be in a relationship.

You Feel Too Confident

A relationship with love in it would feel like a constant emotional roller-coaster ride. It makes you feel scared to death and yet completely alive at the same time.

You make yourself emotionally vulnerable, which makes you feel scared to lose your partner. Though too much of ups and downs might not be healthy for your relationship, there won’t be any in case your relationship is based on compatibility alone.

You Are Missing the Attraction

A relationship can be quite confusing when you don’t feel attracted to your partner. You might share all the compatibility quotients but you don’t feel any attraction.

At times like this when anyone asks you about your relationship, you describe it as “nice”. True love needs polarity with a touch of tension between the two, without which happiness might not last for long.

Your Partner Has No Surprises

This is not a reference to your partner giving you a surprise gift or a retreat. Your partner must be full of surprises for you in a different way.

You must be able to feel constantly challenged by new qualities in your partner. If being in the relationship doesn’t seem to be challenging enough to keep it real with your partner, you are probably not in love.

You Want to Change Something About Your Partner

In case you have a list of traits or personalities you want to change in your partner, chances are that you are looking for compatibility in that relationship and not true love.

Seldom two people in love are perfectly compatible. Most often they are flexible with the minor differences when they are in love with each other.

But if you feel bothered by the little differences and want them perfected, you might not be in love with your partner.

Your Lack of Confidence in Your Relationship

In case you find discrepancies between your ideal partner and your current one, chances are that you are in the relationship for the wrong reasons.

When you are in love, you enjoy being with your partner effortlessly. It is not possible to maintain any relationship without any contribution, but those efforts should not feel like forcing yourself.

You Are Not Sure About Your Future

Just getting along with your partner does not necessarily mean true love. In case you have doubts about whether you can spend the rest of your life together with your current partner, you must try and understand why.

It is not that couples who are in love never have these doubts. But the reasons to have these doubts are important because these reasons can tell you whether you are in the right relationship or not.

Finding compatibility might feel like the reason to be with somebody, but the truth is that it is just one of the starting parameters. Compatibility might blossom into true love, but it cannot be a substitute for true love.

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