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4 Benefits of Adding a Healthy Vending Machine to Your Business

Do your employees spend hours each day walking to the local farm-to-table coffee shop? Is the line outside the vegan food truck enough to knock productivity down?

Installing a healthy vending machine in your office or warehouse will help solve these issues. It will also offer choices to your staff that they will appreciate.

A healthy, happy group of employees will be at work more often and they will be more productive. So, read on to learn about all the benefits of a healthy vending machine for your company.

Check out some of the benefits of adding a healthy vending machine to your workplace

1. Keep Employees Happy with a Healthy Vending Machine

Providing a range of food choices for your employees shows that you care about them and their needs at work. If your staff is able to grab something to eat or drink from a healthy vending machine at work they will feel more appreciated.

When that post-lunch lull kicks in, a quick trip to the vending machine with healthy snack options will boost their energy. They might not directly thank you for it but happy employees will feel better as they return to work.

2. Low Overhead and Easy to Maintain

One of the big benefits of adding a healthy vending machine to your business is that once it is installed there isn’t much to worry about. That means your overhead is low. You don’t need staff to run the vending machine so you don’t have to pay anyone.

Once plugged in, your electricity costs are low, too. Vending machines don’t use much electricity. And there isn’t any additional equipment needed, either.

The best way to maintain a healthy vending machine is to have a vending service provided. The company will take care of maintenance and ensure it is always stocked so your staff has access to healthy food.

3. Support Your Employees’ Healthy Life Choices

Work-life balance has become more important for workers in recent years. This means that your staff is conscious of how work impacts their lives overall. Offering healthy food options through a vending machine indicates that the company also cares about its employees’ wellbeing.

If you want to create a culture at your company that promotes lifestyle choices, wellbeing, and work-life balance, a healthy vending machine can help. This culture may also help you retain good staff or recruit new talent.

4. Flexibility and Time Management

Adding a healthy vending machine gives your staff flexibility about how and when they snack or eat. There is less need for staff to make sure they take a break when the staff canteen is open, for example. They don’t need to plan ahead when to grab something from the food truck outside, either.

A vending machine with healthy snack options also gives you a degree of time management control. Grabbing something to eat from a vending machine in the corridor takes far less time than going to the coffee shop down the road. This means that your staff is more productive while they are at work.

Get a Healthy Vending Machine for Your Business

As you can see, adding a healthy vending machine to your business can have a lot of benefits. Your company will gain because of reduced costs and better time management. You’ll also promote a better, healthier culture for your staff.

Your employees will feel better about being at work. They will also be more productive because their snack and drink options are close to hand.

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