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Benefits of Swimming – Reasons Why You Should Get in the Water

With New Year’s right around the corner, people are already coming up with resolutions for their own health and personal improvement.

Weight loss and working out are the most popular resolutions.

If you have health in mind for the coming year, you should include swimming into your workout.

Here are just a handful of benefits of spending time in the swimming pool near me as an outdoor entertainment center.

Check out Amazing Benefits of Swimming

1. Healthy Heart

Swimming is primarily an aerobic exercise, aiming to strengthen the heart by working your breathing in and out.

Your heart is the most important muscle in the body, and the stronger it becomes, the larger it gets, the more efficiently it can pump blood and oxygen through your body.

As little as 30 minutes of swimming a day can significantly reduce coronary heart disease.

2. Increased strength

Swimming is technically an aerobic exercise, but it also involves a great deal of muscle and strength training.

Swimming is an ideal full-body workout that gets your heartbeat racing and your muscles working hard.

The key is in the water. Take a normal aerobic exercise, like jogging. When jogging, you’re only moving through the air.

Pool design requires you to move through water, a substance that is 12 times denser than air.

Every little movement, from arm strokes to kicking to turning your head to breathe, becomes a resistance exercise.

3. Low impact

Not many other aerobic exercises allow you to work your body without impact on your bones.

The impact and stress of running, for instance, can be painful to the joints, especially in older individuals.

When submerged in water, the human body becomes lighter. Your body bears only 50 percent of its weight when you’re submerged up to your waist.

When the water is up to your chest, you only carry 25 to 35 percent of your weight. Up to your neck, 10 percent.

If you’re overweight or have stiff, sore joints, the pool is the best place to work out as it takes all the pressure off your joints, allowing you to exercise without pain or added damage.

You can end your workout with a dip in the Jacuzzi. The heat from proper spa design will comfort your joints even further.

4. Improved flexibility

Many aerobic exercises and machines tend to isolate body parts in singular, relatively static motions.

Swimming requires you to perform a wide range of motions at once. Your arms move in wide arcs, your legs kick through the water, your hips, head, and spine move from side to side.

This combination of movements keeps your joints and ligaments loose and flexible, lengthening your frame, and giving you a good stretch.

5. Improves your sleep

Swimming may have the power to help you sleep better. In a recent study on older adults with insomnia, participants reported both a boost in quality of life and sleep after engaging in regular aerobic exercise.

Nearly 50 percent of older persons experience some level of insomnia, so this is excellent news. The study focused on all types of aerobic exercise, including the elliptical, Stairmaster, bicycle, pool, and exercise videos.

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