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Best Basketball Themed Gifts for Fans and Players

You might want to get yourself or a family member or perhaps a basketball player you know a beautiful gift. This means you will have to go shopping for such gifts. For this reason, we present a list of basketball gifts that can be of help for a birthday or the holiday season.

Some of these gifts are for the love of the game, while others are peculiar to working on playing skills. 

Here are the gifts you need when shopping for basketball players or fans.

  • Nike Elites 

This gift is a basketball sock recommended for Basketball players. Every basketball player desires them because they are comfortable, and they get to choose their favorite color, which matches their uniform from the numerous color available.

  • Player’s Jersey

This gift can be for both a basketball fan and players. It varies in price. It is an ideal gift for kids to present to their favorite players who they see as superheroes.  

  • Basketball Books

These are books on basketball that every fan of the game can read and fantasize about. 

  • Basketball HQ Membership

You can sign up for your favorite basketball player, or coach whom you notice is not yet a member of Basketball HQ Pro. This is an incredible gift because they get all the resources and tools needed to grow their skill once they join this group of elite players.

  • Dribble Stick

With $99.99 only, it is easy to see why this is a perfect gift for your favorite basketball players. It aids players who are looking to advance their ball-handling skills. Dribble Stick is easy to set up and will be a great tool to help players who love to dribble  

  • Air Relax Leg Recovery System 

Just like the name, it helps players recover quickly and resume training using air compression, preventing and reducing muscle soreness.

  • Speed Rope

Ideal for basketball players and coaches, it helps to improve athleticism, footwork, and speed.

  • Ball Return Net

This product helps players while in training. It allows the ball to return to them and prevent it from going outside the playfield, enabling them to get repeated shots. 

  • Dribbling Googles

It helps players to improve their ball-handling skills. With this google, players are prevented from looking down when they are dribbling.

  • Ball Hog Gloves

This is a low-cost gift you can present to a basketball player and make them glad as it sold for only $30. It is also a tool to enhance ball handling. 

  • Basketball Movies

These movies have a lot of inspiration that makes you watch it repeatedly. They are also entertaining and usually an excellent choice for the basketball fan.

  • Basketball Coach Clipboard

A coach is incomplete without a clipboard. It adds values to a coach’s life by allowing them to draw up buzzer-beater plays and organize the team.

  • Oversize wall Sticker

It helps to decorate the office or room and display your love of the game uniquely.

  • Basketball Leather Folder by Wilson NCAA

It is a folder useful for kids. It can also be used by a basketball coach to store their notes. It features a classy basketball-like design.

  • Wilson Evolution Basketball

This ball stands out among other numerous basketballs because of its low price, durability, and quality. You only must ensure you pick the right size for whom it is intended.

  • Girls Pink Evolution Basketball 

The pink color makes it different from other basketballs and makes it look fantastic for girls  

  • Weighted Basketball Trainer

It helps players to learn good finishing and improve their handling.

  • Nike Hoops Elite Backpack

It is explicitly made for basketball players to accommodate their clothes and shoes compared to a regular bag.

  • The D Man

Allows players to shoot and finish over the hand of a defender

  • Quick Ladder

It helps enhance a player’s footwork and speed, which is a requirement for a player to succeed.

  • Weighted Speed Vest

This tool is perfect for enhancing the explosiveness and speed of basketball players. It tricks their body to work harder than usual, and they get accustomed to it.

  • Portable Basketball Hoop

It gives fun while practicing. This will be a great gift for any fan or player of basketball. 

  • Basketball Videogame

It does not necessarily have an impact on the game, but it is played for fun.

Other gifts are the Indoor Double Shoot Hoop game and Wooden Pyramid of Success.

All these gifts are sure to make the receiver happy!

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