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Balancing Your Chi-ba: 5 Calming Things To Do With CBD

Being Gone To Find Yourself

The modern era is alive with a lovely, constant bombardment of frequencies, projections and distractions. Some believe this whole world may be a projection. Plato may have had it right all along.

We could just be forced to observe the waking world as real when we have bound ourselves to a false reality. That’s a very big thought.

Instead of contemplating existence, here are five calming things to do while riding the wave of CBD. If you happen to contemplate existence while experiencing this calm, that’s okay too.

Deprivation By Choice

Sensory deprivation tanks, and the sensory deprivation experience, can not only provide a momentary calm but, can also lead to larger, long term, calming of the mind.

With so many stimuli being thrown our way from the time we awaken to the time we sleep (sometimes even while sleeping) there is something our brain and body are trying to interpret.

While in a sensory deprivation tank, the world goes away. You are placed in super salty water to achieve buoyancy and your senses are all turned off essentially.

It is just you and your mind. Some people hallucinate but that’s just your mind working stuff out. When it’s all over three is a wonderful sensation of calm and well being.

The Act Of Smoking

The Act Of Smoking

Smoking itself is not healthy. Period. Putting things into your body that it wasn’t born with by means of inhalation always has side effects.

Having said that, the actual social ritual of smoking with others is incredibly stimulating. The limbic system responds well to conversation and you produce dopamine when you feel good.

Combined with the effects of CBD, there is nothing like passing around a one of a kind bong or maybe a flavored blunt and hanging out with some friends.

Crafts And Games

As we grow older and more of life’s responsibilities come into view, it’s important to take time to play. One very calming, almost therapeutic, activity is the sometimes forgotten board game.

It doesn’t have to be Connect 4 or Monopoly either. Most television shows, movies and even music artists of different genres have board games based on them. Then you have Settlers of Catan or Codenames.

Even if you use CBD to ease some terrible pain or anxiety, it’s always healing and calming to have fun.

The Sound Of Silence

Human beings seek control of themselves and their environment. When things don’t go the way they were planned or we have a string of unfortunate happenings, our bodies begin to secrete cortisol and other chemicals.

By sitting and stilling your mind in a quite room or stealing that extra few minutes in the shower, it’s important to be by yourself doing nothing. Humans need to unwind and contemplate without so many stimuli from everyday life.

There are tons of different ways to meditate. Find one and try it until you find a method that works for you.

Seek The Natural Solution

Seek The Natural Solution

Going out into nature is proven to lower blood pressure, soothe anxiety and, calm nerves. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic field that resonates at 7.83 hertz.

This frequency has been used by many cultures, most, which had no contact with each other, for healing and meditation. Some people even take part in something called earthing.

This is removing your socks and shoes, jumping in a pit and just feeling your connection to The Earth. Taking off your shoes and socks itself is very relaxing really.

Nothing Like The Classics

The art of holding a book and having a good time reading is sadly an art that is becoming a thing of the past. Everything is digital and some kind of screen. Turning the pages and feeling the paper is actually soothing.

The reading not only causes your eyes to work and therefor relax when you stop, but, reading anything literary is distracting and therefor causes you to often forget what you were losing your calm about all together.

Calm And Serene

When trying to achieve calm, everyone is different. One person may enjoy adult coloring books while on CBD, another may find yoga a better fit. Whatever it is, use it.

CBD is a great tool and unlocks a world of possibilities for self-discovery and inner peace while also aiding the body. Just make sure whatever activity you choose it’s one you want to do.

Not one you feel you have to Calming Things To Do With CBD.

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