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Cannabis Skin Care: The Next Big Trend in Beauty Industry

As science adds more evidence every day about the benefits of cannabinoids, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the molecules in marijuana plants are about to become the next big trend in skin health.

The beauty industry is incorporating cannabinoids into its skin care products, and as data shows, there is a myriad of reasons to replace chemically laden products with cannabis-infused ones instead.

Topical Cannabinoids

Cannabis skin care starts with topical products, namely oils, lotions, salves, sprays, and anything the skin would absorb to relieve various ailments.

Smoking marijuana will not work to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, as all smoke, regardless of the type, is damaging to skin, and puffing on those joints can create fine lines around the mouth and deepen already existing wrinkles significantly.

The beauty industry is now manufacturing topical products infused with either tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, or cannabidiol, or CBD, or even both. They each have their own properties to target specific issues.

For example, CBD is a soothing anti-inflammatory, but THC is what acts as a powerful painkiller. Additionally, THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, whereas CBD is non-psychoactive.

Benefits of a Cannabis Skin Care Routine

Marijuana-derived cannabinoids bind to the body’s own endocannabinoid receptors, which transport them throughout the body for building, protecting, and healing various organs, such as the brain, lungs, and yes, the body’s largest organ, the skin.

Researchers now know how cannabinoids work to relieve skin conditions, smooth wrinkles, and create a younger, more vibrant appearance.

Let’s check out the cannabis skin care products:

1. Antioxidant

The marijuana plant is a potent antioxidant. Both THC and the non-psychoactive CBD have autoxidizing properties, perhaps even more than vitamins A, C, and E, maybe even combined.

When you apply cannabinoids directly to the skin, it helps to fight free radicals caused by the environment, such as smoke, UV rays, and pollutants. The result is a clearer skin.

2. Anti-Inflammatory

Marijuana-derived cannabinoids are highly effective anti-inflammatories. When applied topically, they can relieve skin inflammation and the results of it, such as swelling of the skin, redness, and even pimples or acne.

One of the primary causes of aging is inflammation, otherwise called ‘inflam-aging,’ and cannabinoids can help to slow the aging process down and even reverse some of the skin damage.

3. Fatty Acids

Marijuana oils are rich in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Hempseed oil, which is legal throughout the world, is now a primary ingredient in many skin care products specifically because its high fatty acid content is an ideal skin moisturizer.

When combined with the antioxidant properties of cannabinoids, CBD skin care products can protect against dangerous sun damage.

Treating Skin Conditions with Cannabis

The scientific community already has official studies underway providing mounting evidence of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for skin ailments.

Anecdotal stories of success using it exists in abundance, most notably for skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Cannabinoid-rich skin care products provide relief from swelling and itching while reducing scar severity and redness.

Because cannabis infusions effectively treat an array of skin afflictions, they are a suitable option for treating insect bites and most types of rashes.

Topical infusions provide targeted, localized pain relief, while stopping any itching, stinging and redness associated with bug infestations. Cannabis is also an excellent treatment for mild to moderate burns, and it can prevent scars from forming.

Because most of the CBD skin care creams and infusions are non-psychoactive, they will not make you high. Even if you purchase a topical rich in active THC, you still would not feel stoned the way you would if you ate or smoked it.

THC absorbed by the skin does not cross into the bloodstream, except for transdermal patches, which are the only skin products that allow THC to enter into blood circulation.

The Future of Cannabis Skin Care

As the marijuana industry explodes across the United States and in many parts of the world too, the beauty industry is taking note of both the science behind treating skin afflictions with cannabis and its myriad anti-aging benefits.

More skin care products contain cannabis than ever before, and as word spreads of the positive results people are seeing from using it, the trend is already unstoppable.

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