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Cardio Buzz: Marijuana Benefits for your Heart

Every 1 in 4 deaths in the United States is due to heart troubles.

The paradigm shift in the lifestyle, mounting work pressure, and lack of exercise are all taking a toll on your health and especially your heart.

People are moving towards the use of marijuana to prevent or treat their cardiovascular disorders, owing to its medicinal properties.

If you are planning to jump in the recent wave of marijuana that is taking over the world to improve your heart’s health, read on and find out everything about it.

What is marijuana?

Marijuana or cannabis is a plant that people have been using for centuries, owing to its psychoactive and therapeutic properties.

The plant originated from the Asian subcontinent, but people all around the globe are now reaping its benefits.

It contains over 600 active chemicals, out of which a hundred are known as cannabinoids.

Cannabidiol or CBD, and Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC are the two most prominent compounds present in marijuana.

CBD is a medicinal and non-psychoactive element that generally nourishes the body from the inside. It can also counter the mind-altering effects of THC.

On the other hand, THC is a psychoactive element that can induce a euphoric high. The magnitude of the psychoactive effects of marijuana depends entirely upon the THC level of a particular strain of the plant.

For instance, different types of kush strains give a sedative and euphoric effect, while various other strains low in THC are mild and give a relaxing effect.

How does marijuana work?

The biology we learned in school included an essential topic on the endocannabinoid system. Do you remember that class?

If you don’t, read on to freshen your memory. The endocannabinoid system is a complicated system of cells that performs the task of regulating your mood, appetite, reproductive health, and even your memory.

It produces a series of chemicals known as cannabinoids that go across the entire body. These cannabinoids bind themselves with the receptors present in your organs, cells, and hormones and interact with them to initiate change.

Through this process, cannabinoids can regulate how you feel or react to external stimuli.

Does the term cannabinoids seem familiar? Well, the cannabinoids present in marijuana are identical to the ones that the endocannabinoid system produces.

When you consume marijuana, the cannabinoids present in it enters your body and regulate the receptors.

It is due to this action of marijuana that it can make you feel light, calm your nerves, alleviate pain, and help you get better sleep.

Is marijuana good for your heart?

While people are already using marijuana as an effective treatment of pain, inflammation, migraine, and anxiety, they are now using it to prevent and treat cardiovascular ailments too. Here is how cannabis can help:

1. Reduces blood pressure

The rising level of stress tends to take a toll on the health and increases the blood pressure.

High blood pressure is also becoming the number one reason for heart diseases. Many marijuana users report that after consuming it, their stress level reduces, they feel more relaxed, and even the blood pressure goes down.

A clinical trial by the American Society of Clinical Investigation conducted a test on humans where they induce stressful situations and then gave them CBD extracted from marijuana.

There was a significant decrease in not just the blood pressure but also the heart rate. CBD present in marijuana can alter the mind and reduce stress levels that cause high blood pressure.

2. Can Protect from stroke

Stroke is quite common among people suffering from heart ailments.

It occurs when there is a blockage in the blood vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Stroke can be fatal as it affects both the arteries in the heart and the brain. An ischemic stroke can also happen when there is a blood clot that blocks the blood flow to the brain entirely.

It can lead to the blood vessel rupturing or bursting and causing a hemorrhagic stroke. The cannabinoids present in marijuana are known to increase the blood flow that can help a person suffering from a stroke.

Marijuana not only protects the brain of a stroke patient, but it can also prevent any further damage. It can also aid in the recovery of the functioning of the brain.

3. Gives nourishment

Marijuana or hemp is rich in essential fatty acids. It is a rich source of fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 that is essential to the health of your heart.

Arginine is another amino acid present in the seeds of marijuana that has an abundance of nitrogen oxide that dilates the blood vessels and ensure that blood flows in the veins without any hindrance.

How to consume it?

1. Oral:

CBD oil is the most convenient way to use marijuana. You can get the CBD oil from any local dispensary to enjoy the goodness of this magical plant.

Since the oil is edible, you can directly put a few drops of the oil under your tongue and then swallow it.

2. Edibles:

Edibles are food and drinks that have CBD infused in them. The markets today are flooded with alternative CBD- infused products like gummy bears, cookies, coffee, and even beer.

It’s a convenient way of administering CBD into the body.

3. Vape/ Smoke:

While the oldest method of using marijuana is to smoke it by rolling the flower in a joint, vaping is the latest trend.

You can invest in a vaping device to get an instant flow of cannabinoids and get relief within seconds.

4. Topicals:

Topicals are creams and lotions that contain CBD. For localized pain or inflammation, you can massage the topicals on your skin and let the pores absorb the cannabinoids.

You can also apply the CBD oil directly on your skin as well. The CBD interacts with the receptors present in the body and can help in alleviating pain and inflammation.

Final Thoughts

While the jury is out, people are using marijuana to keep themselves healthy.

The doctors and researchers are still probing further to find how marijuana is beneficial for people who are suffering from heart disorders.

You, too, can keep heart ailments at bay by using this plant. If you are new to the world of marijuana, you must know about the different types of strains and their effects on the body before you begin.

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