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7 Creatives Ways to Redo Your Small Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where one can unwind after a long day of socializing and working; cook a nice and cozy meal for one’s self or maybe prepare a fancy cocktail just to take off that stress that has been winding up lately.

Hence, it is the last place that should be cluttered or congested. If you have a small kitchen it might seem like you have no choice for that matter which is untrue. There are tons of ideas in which you can renovate and redecorate to make it look more spacious, more lit, and more organized.

There are various ways in which you can redo a boring disorganized kitchen but there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. The foremost consideration you need to make is to plan your spending.

Do not overspend on things just because they ‘look pretty’ instead, invest in the stuff that you need, and repurpose old ones to save money and renovate the kitchen space efficiently.

When it comes to small spaces, people make up their mind that it is going to be stuffed and messy because there ‘is not much space’. This misconception leads to one cluttering the space unnecessarily.

Always remember that the ambiance of any setting regardless of its size depends on the way space is used. Even a really small kitchen of a studio apartment can be extremely aesthetic.

If you have starved on ideas to save space and refurbish your small kitchen, here are some hacks and ideas that will help contain this situation with zero hassle:

1. Incorporate Crisp Colors

Incorporate Crisp Colors

To make your kitchen look brighter and airier, add in more neutral colors like shades of white, and pastel colors. They reflect more light and hence, your space ends up looking brighter and more open.

You can add different values of the same color for a more monochromatic effect which gives off a minimalistic vibe and often adds a luxurious touch. Getting an expensive look on a small budget is the dream after all.


The best way to integrate a neutral color scheme in a space is to change the color of the walls. For this purpose, you can use textures, solid pigments, or even wallpapers.

However, for a kitchen, I would not recommend using wallpaper. Another great option is tiling. It gives you the margin of going all the way to the top or just stopping at half of the wall which looks great too.

Utensils and kitchenware

Neutral colors on the wall make a huge difference but adding such color schemes to the kitchenware can take things up a notch. The pastel-colored utensils do not only create an illusion of a wider space but also look super cute and kawaii.

Using a specific color scheme for kitchenware dies not only improves the ambiance but also adds personality to your space which makes it more comfortable. Always remember to remove the utensils from the packaging to save the extra space-taking.

Aprons and overalls

A perfect way to keep things balanced and coordinated is to keep the colors in coordination. For aprons, mittens, and overalls, go for colors that would not get dirty fast.

It makes neutral colors the best choice as even if you spill some flour, it would not make a big mess. You can always go for contrasting colors to maintain the values of colors.

2. Pull-out Storage System

Pull-out Storage System

Everyone sees those luxurious pantries and pull-out systems for expensive kitchen setups and wished to get one themself but it is just too expensive. Nothing to worry as repurposing solves this problem. In the place of your cabinets, you can add pull-out pantry, dispensers, etc.

  • A great thing about pull-out inventories and pantries is that not only do they take up less space, work great for making space look wider but also give the luxurious vibe that you desire. You can customize them based on your need.
  • Add shelves in there or a part it with drawer dividers.
  • Keep all the dry spices, sauces, snacks, and other cooking essentials there, away from moisture.
  • You can also place extra utensils in there that take up space on the countertops which makes your kitchen look smaller and untidier.
  • A pull-out storage system works great for dishwashers, washing machines, oven, etc. They can be installed in the place of the counter and the tops can be used as any regular kitchen counter.
  • 3. Merge Rooms

    Merge Rooms

    Merging two rooms is always a great idea for saving space and making your setting look wider. For a small kitchen, merging the dining area or the living room with the kitchen can make a great deal of difference.

    If you are more of a midnight snacker, you can even merge it with your study room or bedroom. If you are considering taking down a wall and combining rooms here are a few considerations:

    Take Down the Wall

    The simplest and most obvious way of combining two very different rooms is to remove the wall but you still need to separate them. The wisest way to do so is through interior decor and colors.

    Keep the color schemes similar yet a little different. Here contrasting will save your day. You can add rugs and a piece of furniture to act as a separator.

    If you have a room divider, you can place that too but it will take up space and serve the same purpose as your smart color scheming and placement.

    Add Wall-to-Wall Glass Window

    It is another great idea for making your kitchen look brighter and hence, more open. The window can be on the wall between the living room and the kitchen or even on a wall facing the outside; it will welcome all the sunlight in which will create an illusion of a wider setting as well as cut the cost of extra lights during the day.


    The kitchen usually does not have carpeting; if your living room has it, it will be quite easy to separate the two rooms. If you are more into marble or tiled floors, add a distinctive colored border or choose two different colors for the flooring of each space.

    4. Hanger And Hooks

    Hanger And Hooks

    Utilizing the vertical space is not only a smart space-saving technique but it can also add substance to the bland walls.


    They work the best for hanging aprons and overalls but you can also use small hooks on the walls behind the counters to hand flatware, spatulas, mugs, etc. In this way, they remain easily accessible and do not take up space on the counters or in the drawers.


    Shelves are quite a versatile option for storage. You can install regular rectangular long/short shelves on a plain wall or go for round corner shelves. Display your collections or keep extra stuff such as utensils and personal belongings on them.

    5. Foldable Table and Counters

    Foldable Table and Counters

    Foldable furniture should always be your go-to if your space is small and you are trying to utilize every inch of it effectively. A foldable table can give a spot where you can cook and eat food without occupying much room on the floor. It can likewise be an ideal thought for a work area that you can fold and hide when you’re done working.

    Besides a table for fine dining, you can also invest in a foldable drying rack, an étagère, etc. to store and keep all your stuff in and consume lesser of the space on the floor.

    A foldable tempered steel drying rack can be used as required and afterward can be tossed in a cabinet once you are done using it. In the same way, you can put foldable chairs instead of dining wooden chairs. They are much lighter hence, easier to lift and are great for saving space.

    6. Create Illusions

    Create Illusions

    In a little kitchen go all-out with strong and bold flooring. A solid pattern or a vivid color on the floor catches the eye and causes the space to feel wider and more open.

    Design your kitchen in a way that every inch is utilized either it is with keeping a potted plant or hanging utensils. Hanging the copper grower is an extraordinary method to include some life and adornment in the kitchen without jumbling work surfaces.

    Adding the right amount of substance in space leads to an illusion of a bigger and brighter place that works perfectly for a small kitchen.

    7. Keep it Simple And Minimal

    Keep it Simple And Minimal

    Nothing causes space to appear to be bigger like basic white dividers, so why not take it further with smooth, contemporary intricacies that open up space.

    Light, intelligent materials, and insignificant plans are your companions in a little kitchen, so consider white or iridescent glass cupboard entryways, white stone or composite, or tempered steel worktops, and white splashback tiling.

    Always add lighting wisely. Recessed lighting, flush mounts, and semi-flush mount roof lights are a great choice for little kitchens since they don’t occupy much space. Another option is to use lighting in regularly neglected spaces, for example, under cabinet, etc.

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