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What is the Double Facial Cleansing Routine and How to Carry It Out?

It’s been a while since we heard the importance of a double facial cleansing routine, but what exactly is it? What does it consist of and what benefits does it have? This is precisely what we will discuss throughout this post. Take note.

What is double facial cleansing?

To make the skin on your face look healthy, luminous, fresh, and soft, cleaning is essential, not only to remove make-up but also to remove residues, sweat residues, and even contamination with Deciem The Ordinary Products.

The double facial cleansing routine, derived from Asian beauty rituals, consists of applying two products instead of one to carry out a correct facial cleansing.

To do this, you must first apply water or oil-based cleaning product to remove makeup and impurities, usually, it is usually make-up-removing oils, balms, or micellar waters that do not need rinsing.

The next step is usually to apply a soapy product, a type of cleaning gel, that needs to be rinsed with water to complete the double cleaning routine.

How to carry out a step by step double facial cleansing routine?

Below we will detail the step by step of a double facial cleansing routine with the Super Cleanser Trio that combines 3 Freshly products that will help you perform an in-depth cleansing, taking care and pampering the skin of your face thanks to the natural ingredients that make up these products, totally respectful with our facial skin barrier.

The Super Cleanser Trio has the Fresh Green Micellar Water, the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser, and the Detox Purifying Facial Toner, the 3 products you need for a correct double cleaning routine in the same pack. Don’t think about it and get more for less!

Step 1: Apply the Fresh Green Micellar Water to remove impurities and makeup

Firstly apply Fresh Green Micellar Water to your skin. This micellar water contains natural micelles that gently remove makeup impurities and traces, respecting the dermal barrier. Its organic vegetable water of aloe vera and green apple acts as a biostimulant of cell regeneration and detoxifies the skin.

Apply the product on a reusable cotton disc like the Reusable Organic Cotton Pads, press gently on a specific area, and, by tapping, clean all over the face, including eyes. Avoid unnecessary friction so as not to irritate or redden the skin by rubbing.

Step 2: Clean your face thoroughly with the Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser

Then, to perform an in-depth cleaning, apply the Rose Quartz facial cleansing gel to the previously moistened face. To do this, apply two pulsations on your hands, rub them a little, and apply the product to your face using gentle circular massages. In this way, you stimulate blood circulation and favor your skin to appear bright.

Then rinse the product with plenty of water to remove all kinds of residue and leave the skin completely clean. You will notice how your face is fresh, soft and smooth, with fewer open pores and free of fats, since this product also helps control sebum secretion thanks to the lotus flower extract.

On the other hand, you will also verify that your skin is totally healthy and with a very pleasant sensation, since it does not suffer from tightness and irritations because this product does not contain soap, only vegetable saponins that provide great cleaning power, also pampering the delicate skin of the face. Make sure to buy all the skincare products using Amazon promotional codes.

Step 3: Tone facial skin with Detox Purifying Facial Toner

Complete your cleansing routine with the Detox Purifying Facial Toner, this toner with organic extract of aloe vera, burdock, and lime act as a purifier and toner. This way you will be able to balance the pH of the skin, close the pores, refresh and purify the skin, and it will be ready to continue with the next step: hydration.

Apply the toner using a reusable cotton pad, on the face of the disc that you have not yet used.

Benefits of a double facial cleansing routine

The benefits of acquiring this double facial cleansing routine are innumerable since in this way we carry out a deeper cleansing avoiding any type of residue being left on our skin; makeup, sweat.

Carrying out this double facial cleansing routine we improve the skin texture of our face, combating the tired aspect and dull skin, restoring light and vitality to the face.

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