Top 7 Effective Treadmill Workout Tips for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, you should consider using a treadmill.

A treadmill is one of the best exercise machines you can use to drop pounds.

If you use a treadmill on a regular basis, you can burn a lot of calories, which will help you lose weight.

Using a Commercial grade treadmill regularly will also improve the health of your heart and give you more energy.

However, if you use a treadmill incorrectly, you will not receive the best workout. Here are seven tips for using a treadmill effectively.

Check out the best and effective treadmill workout tips for Weight Loss

1. Start Slowly

If you have not used a treadmill a lot in the past, you should start out slowly. Just start walking at a moderate pace such as two miles per hour.

If you start running in the beginning, you could tire yourself out and possibly get an injury.

2. Don’t Hold On To the Handles

One of the biggest mistakes people make on the treadmill is holding on to the handles. If you want an effective workout, do not do this. When you hold on to the handles, you will actually burn at least 20 percent fewer calories.

Holding on to the handles can also throw off your posture and cause injuries to your hips and shoulders. If you hold on to the handles at fast speeds, you could also raise your blood pressure.

3. Always Wear Comfortable Shoes

It is very important to wear comfortable shoes that fit you properly when using a treadmill. If you wear shoes that don’t fit you properly, you won’t feel comfortable.

Also, never go barefoot on a treadmill, even if you’re at home. The heat and friction from the treadmill can burn and scrape your feet.

4. Increase Either the Speed or Incline

Running at a fast speed on a steep incline can be very difficult, especially for beginners. That is why you should first increase the incline to a level that is suitable for you. Then, you can increase your speed slowly.

If you adjust the speed and incline at the same time, you can fall off the treadmill.

5. Remember to Warm Up and Cool Down

It is essential to warm up and cool down while you are on the treadmill.

Doing stretching exercises before getting on the treadmill will increase your flexibility and prevent your muscles from cramping.

Ending your workout at a lower speed will also prevent your muscles from cramping.

6. Add Intervals

If you want to start burning the most calories, you should add some high-intensity intervals to your workout.

Intervals will help you get an intense workout in a shorter amount of time. When you add intervals to your workout, you can actually burn more than 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

Adding intervals will also get you into better shape.

7. Set a Goal Each Time You Work out

Do not hesitate to set a goal each time you work out on a treadmill.

Setting goals are fun and they will make your experience more worthwhile.

For example, you could aim to work out for a minimum of 45 minutes one day. If you reach your goal, you will feel very good about yourself. Don’t be afraid to award yourself for hitting your goals.

For example, if you reach your next goal, you could reward yourself with a new outfit.

In the Nutsell

If you follow these helpful tips, your workouts on the treadmill will be very effective.

Don’t forget to always have water by your side when you are on the treadmill.

Drinking water throughout your workout will keep you hydrated and prevent your muscles from cramping.

Also, consider listening to music while you use the treadmill. Listening to upbeat music will make the time go by faster and prevent you from getting bored. Now maybe you are thinking of getting the best workout treadmill if you are then check this comparison at Nordictrack 2450 vs 2950 to get one.

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