Fun Indoor Activities for the Whole Family to Spend Quality Time

Fun indoor activities for the whole family are what we all need now that most of our planet is in quarantine trying to prevent the new virus from spreading.

Other than staying healthy, we also need to stay sane and capable of everything we will have to deal with after we leave the quarantine.

Being stuck at home with your family can be fun even though the reasons for such a situation are unprecedented. Since we would like to encourage you to use this time wisely, we suggest some fun indoor activities for the whole family.

Have a movie day with your family

If your children are old enough to watch a full-length movie with you, then you should definitely consider this indoor activity to spend some time with your family indoors.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of movies that you can watch either online or through your cable provider, so all you have to do is pick the one that is age-appropriate for all of your family members.

Make some popcorn, add some of your family’s favorite snacks and make this day or night a real theatre experience. Relax and unwind!

Have fun cooking and baking

Kid putting sprinkles on cookies before baking

Not all adults are fans of preparing their own food, but you will hardly find a child who is not excited about participating in the kitchen.

With some help from your little assistants, you can make your family’s favorite cookies in no time, and you can make baking a memorable activity.

Let your kids express their creativity and encourage them to play with dough.

Cookies are not all you can make in the kitchen with your family. You can make healthy ice cream everybody likes.

You can also prepare an entire meal, or if you would like to keep their little hands busy for a longer period of time, you can even try making pasta. From scratch!

Apart from being fun, this activity can be rather useful.

Do some Gardening

Gardening doesn’t necessarily have to mean working in your garden. Houseplants also need some care from time to time. They need to be repotted, showered, fertilized and watered from time to time.

Dead leaves are an eyesore, so you can involve your kids in removing those. If you have some plants on the terrace, then your family fun can last for hours (provided that the weather is nice).

Kids love playing with dirt, so this is the perfect activity for them.

Doing a puzzle

Puzzles are somewhat similar to board games, but their main advantage is that you can make a pause and come back to them whenever you feel like. Kids fall in love with puzzles at an early age.

If you encourage them to practice, they will soon become capable of doing the most detailed ones with hundreds or even thousands of pieces.

Buy the one that you like and after you put all the pieces together, you can have it framed. Professional movers such as Good Neighbors Moving Company LA often note that people tend to move framed puzzles and request that they are treated as the real pieces of art.

Reading together is one of the best indoor activities for the whole family

Mother reading to her child in a bed

Modern lifestyle often doesn’t leave us enough time for the things we love, such as reading. Well, at least not during the working days.

This is our time to enjoy a good book (or rather several of them) and share this passion with your family. There are many audiobooks available online for the youngest ones, so they can also take part in this reading activity.

Or, you can read to them – that might be the best time to bond.

Books are perfect conversation starters, so you can use them to introduce a certain topic. So, make a detox smoothie, grab a book and start bonding!

Playing board games

Board games are just perfect for family bonding. They are usually played on holidays or during weekends, but this quarantine time can also be used to practice your board games skills. Here are some suggestions:

  • Monopoly: The classic that still tops the lists of favorite board games for families;
  • Scrabble: For all the readers in your family;
  • Chess: Again a classic, but not so many kids are fond of it;
  • Sorry game: As soon as the youngest member of your family learns how to count you can try this game; It gets even more interesting when a participant is really not keen on losing;
  • Connect four: Good for all age groups;
  • Memory game: Whichever type of memory game you choose, it will be a fun indoor activity for the whole family.
  • Battleship: and so many more…

If you are not sure which game to get in a store, consult the professionals just like you would do when looking for any type of moving services you might need.

You should check online reviews too. Some board games can also be played online, so there is no reason to miss out on them just because you don’t have them at your home.

Monopoly as one of the fun indoor activities for the whole family

Play video games

You need to be careful not to go overboard with kids’ screen time, we get it. But if we expect them to spend days and weeks indoors, separating them from the screens can totally be impossible and even cruel.

You just need to be determined about the limits. Allow a bit more than you would usually do, they will appreciate it.

Now that you have all the time in the world to be with your family, why not participate in this type of fun too? Who knows, maybe you like it more than you would expect!

Create a puppet theatre

This can be a great source of fun! Take a box you have left from your previous relocation and start building a theatre. Take a look at any of the online tutorials, they can be quite helpful.

Arts and crafts

You can find thousands of ideas online if you are not resourceful enough. Discuss what you can make, gather up all the art supplies that you need and start creating. You would be surprised what you can do with a pair of scissors, some glue and a few sheets of paper.

Hopefully, you will enjoy these fun indoor activities for the whole family that we picked for you!

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