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Tips to Get Rid of Genital Warts at Home

What are genital warts?

Genital warts are soft outgrowths that appear on the genitals. These are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). If you have genital warts then remember that you aren’t the only one suffering from these.

They are very common and millions of people are diagnosed each year and still, there are some who are excluded as they aren’t diagnosed yet.

Maintaining good genital hygiene is very important to managing HPV. You can do this by regularly cleaning in the shower, staying well hydrated to assist your liver cleanse, and using the correct type of sex toys. Some toys made of softer materials such as rubber and plastic have porous surfaces and can absorb harmful bacteria deeper into the material, so metal or silicone is a good choice if you suffer from HPV. You could find some of those here.

It is absolutely necessary for you to visit a physician to get a proper treatment of genital warts. A major process can be of liver cleanse. But there are several ways through which you can get rid of these warts at home. Let’s have a look!

Check out some home remedies to get rid of genital warts at home

1. Castor oil

Castor oil is very sticky so it’s a little difficult to work with it. Take a cotton swab and dip it in the oil. Rub the swab on the affected area and for the maximum effect, cover it with garlic (crushed).

2. Vitamin C

Crush a tablet of vitamin C and add in water. Apply on the area and cover it with a bandage. It will destroy the papilloma, which is the major cause of warts.

3. Garlic

Crush a few cloves of garlic to make a paste and apply it directly to the affected area. Leave it covered for a few days or wash it with water in an hour.

4. Onion

Place a few slices of onion on warts and cover it with a bandage. To get a faster result, you can also add salt on some onions. Salt works as an antiseptic, whereas onion works as an antimicrobial agent. You can reapply the juice to get a great result.

5. Aloe vera gel

Apply aloe vera gel or juice and rub it gently on the affected area, to remove warts naturally.

6. Baking soda

Mix baking soda with castor oil and make a paste. Then apply it on the area and cover it with a bandage. Repeat the process until warts disappear.

7. Epsom salt

Add Epsom salt to the bathing water and soak for 30 minutes or more in it, then you can dry the affected area.

8. Dutch tape

It is actually really weird to use a Dutch tape, but it’s also proven that it works. Take a Dutch tape and wrap it around warts. You can leave it for a few days and then repeat the process. But in addition to this, it is important to have a dietary change by excluding cigarettes, processed or refined foods, red meat, and caffeine etc.

9. Apple cider vinegar

ACV works the same way as does the prescribed acid to treat warts. Take a cotton swab and dip it in ACV, apply it to the area. Leave it for overnight and then rinse with water the next day.

10. Vitamin E

Take a capsule of vitamin E and squeeze its contents on warts, cover the area with a bandage. Repeat this process daily for one to two months. You can also take vitamin E in dry form or beta-carotene.

11. Folate and B-12

By taking folate and B-12 supplements, you can make your body to fight the HPV infection and to get rid of warts. Because the deficiency of folate or B-12 can cause risk of HPV.

12. Green tea

Another effective way to treat the warts is through green tea. You can buy green tea extract and add a drop of coconut oil in it. Then it can be applied to warts.

13. Lifestyle and dietary habits

Foods to include in your diet:

  • Antioxidants foods (tomatoes, berries),
  • Leafy green vegetables (spinach),
  • Whole grains,
  • Almonds,
  • Beans,
  • Lean meat (fish, egg, chicken).

Foods to avoid in your diet

  • Food allergens (food additives),
  • Refined foods (white bread),
  • Red meat,
  • Processed food.

14. Vegetables

Following vegetables should be added to your diet

  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • Cauliflower

These contain Indole-3 carbinol that clears genital warts. You can eat 4-5 servings of vegetables per day.

15. Witch hazel

For various skin issues, witch hazel is a trusted remedy. It doesn’t irritate the skin as it’s too mild for that. It is effective to fight HPV and reduces genital warts.

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