Getting your Shoe Game On – Footwear Tips for Various Occasions

As a woman, you know how important footwear is when you see it in a sense of fashion statement. Having knowledge of what to wear when is probably the key factor in imbibing the fashion statement you want to radiate.

Your footwear is decided by the place you’re visiting and also the nature of the activity you would be doing. A lot of times women carry a change of footwear with them just in case they are faced with a situation that would require them to change what they’re wearing.

Different shoes, sandals and heels all have a notorious way of reminding us about the importance of getting our footwear game on point.

Let’s have a look at some of the combinations of footwear with various activities and venues.


It’s one of the trickiest places when it comes to deciding on footwear. While at work you want to look professional and elegant while also maintaining a degree of comfort so that productivity doesn’t take a hit.

We would mostly recommend low heels for work as they will bring out the professionalism and allegiance while the kitten heels would provide enough comfort for you to not experience soreness.

Though if you wouldn’t want to compromise with comfort at all then a fashionable pair of muse would be the best. You would have to obviously change the rest of your attire to match such shoes.

Evening Parties

Ladies dress up extensively for evening parties and you wouldn’t want to be left behind just because you can’t figure out your footwear. Well, a party means you get to throw on your best clothes and be out to impress.

Pumps and peep toes are one of the best options for such occasions. These two will make you look taller and sleeker and you can visit here to have a look at some options to combine with dresses.

Bold colors like black red and white should be preferred as they go with pretty much all colors of your clothing.

Casual Outings

An outing with your friends means a casual and carefree day out where you wouldn’t be too bothered about radiating a fashion statement. Simple flats and sandals would be a good choice to pair up with a pair of jeans or something casual.

If you’re not into flats then you could probably slip on some sneakers or converse. They look pretty cool if you know how to carry them off. They usually go well with shorts and leggings, basically anything that you’re comfortable with.

Though you’ll have to always be careful about the color combination.

Events like Weddings

For events like weddings, you would want to have something extremely loud and sharp. In such events, you usually have to pick your footwear according to the rest of your attire.

Thus after looking at these factors we can narrow down our choices. Stilettos are the perfect option for such events as they are the epitome of grace and poise.

It is not easy to carry off stilettos so you need to make sure you get the rest of the attire right before you jump into these sleek high heels.

At the End

Your footwear is supposed to be worn in accordance with the venue, occasion and also the rest of your attire. It can get pretty confusing at times as to what you should slip into.

There will be a time when you’ll have to jump from one event to another so it would always help to carry an extra pair of footwear accordingly.

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