7 Geeky Gifts Ideas for Science Nerds – Ideal Gifts for Science Lover

Most people don’t know what to get their nerdy friends.

However, it’s always an interesting feat to get gifts for science geeks and nerds. There is a world of options to consider when hunting for the right gift.

You can get them geeky ties or funny science shirts! But these are not just the ones, there are millions of cool nerdy stuff that can entice a nerd.

So here are 7 geeky gifts ideas for science nerds you know that will keep you in their ‘favorites’ list forever!

Best Gifts ideas for science nerds – Hope they Love it

1. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

What’s science without chemistry?

Every science geek you know must have read up the ingredients in the shampoo bottle while showering but imagine the horror. If they got stuck at a particular compound because they cannot remember the particular element it came from or its atomic mass and weight.

But now they’re covered! With this bright shower curtain with the Periodic Table printed on it. They might as well brush up on their lanthanide and actinide series and transition metals during their shower.

After all, learning should never stop, even in the bathroom!

2. Flying Alarm Clock

While everyone has heard of time flying, you can be sure even your geeky friend hasn’t experienced this flying alarm clock.

While most alarm clocks simply sit beside your bed, the fan on the head of this alarm clock takes off from the clock as soon as your alarm starts blaring at the stipulated time and to make the alarm stop you have to go pick it up from wherever it fell and put it back on the clock to make the alarm stop.

You bet no geek would ever mind waking up early again if woken up by this wonder of an alarm clock. With this gift, you just ensured they’ll always be on time!

3. Magnetic Force Nail Polish

So you know a science geek who is also into fashion?

No problem, here’s a gift for the inner fashionista of your nerdy friend. It can be applied like any other nail polish.

After drying you just need to apply the magnetic force with nail polish cap for a few seconds and watch how the nail polish morphs into a unique design, a different one on each nail!

Available in a couple of beautiful colors, your nerdy girlfriend is going to love this gift!

4. Floating light bulb

Based on the technologies of magnetic levitation and resonant inductive coupling, this minimalistic but brilliant gift will blow your nerdy friend away.

This glowing light bulb defies gravity and literally floats in the thin air and even rotates a bit adding mystery to the beauty.

While the nerds will probably be quite annoyed till then can figure out exactly how this works, they’ll be too in love with the gift to complain!

5. Laboratory martini set

Being a nerd doesn’t mean the guy/gal doesn’t appreciate a good drink. But imagine a science geek’s pleasure if they could make a scientifically perfect drink!

With this martini glass set, that looks like a glass laboratory bottle underneath with a cone on top to hold your drink.

The key to the perfect drink is to pour 4 ounces of gin and 3/4 ounce dry vermouth over a heap of ice and then gently stir, pour and enjoy!

6. Removable Blade Lightsaber

Adding fiction to science jazzes life up for any science lover. What geek isn’t a star wars lover?

You can easily bet that ever since they saw the star wars FX lightsaber in 1977, they’ve wanted to own one.

But all that’s ever been available is a cheap alternative to the powerful sword but no more! This wonderful and realistic lightsaber can be worn as a hilt on your waist and when you want, you can attach the removable blade which lights up and sounds exactly like the one in the movies.

It even produces unique sounds whenever it clashes with another Lightsaber or any other object. So this is as close as anyone gets to join the ranks of Jedi!

7. 30x microscope magnifier for smartphones

Every science geek at some point must have had the urge to investigate something under the microscope urgently but due to an obvious lack of a microscope outside of the laboratory, that must have been impossible.

But with this gift, you’ll make it possible for your favorite nerd to see anything magnified by 30 times anywhere!

This small attachable device can be attached to your smartphone and you can see anything up to 30X magnification through your smartphone camera, just about anywhere!

At the End

So, these were 7 brilliant and thoughtful gift ideas that your nerdy and science geek friends would genuinely appreciate and enjoy.

After this, all they would want is a safety locker to hide away their cool stuff or inventions!

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