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Grow Your Practice: 5 Key Medical Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is critical for increasing traffic and revenue. Unfortunately, medical businesses sometimes ignore this and lose out to competing doctors.

If you’re trying to improve this problem and increase the number of patients coming to your office, we’re here to help. Here are 5 key medical digital marketing tips to start incorporating today!

1. Make Your Website More User Friendly

One of the quickest ways to guarantee someone leaves your website is if it’s not user-friendly. If someone can’t navigate their way around and find the necessary items they’re looking for, they aren’t likely to come to your office.

To make it user-friendly, you should always ensure it’s mobile-friendly. You should keep the website speed fast and make treatments, services, and contact information as visible as possible.

2. Develop a Local SEO Strategy

Another medical marketing strategy is to use local SEO tactics to drive patients in your area to your site. This requires you to put time aside to rank your website in the 10-25 mile radius around your locations.

If you want your page to be listed locally, you’ll need to make a page for it. Within your page, you should include the city name, address, and phone number for the practice. It’s also smart to consider including the names of the providers that will see patients at that location and summarize the location.

This will help you outrank the other local providers in the area.

3. Use Active Content Marketing

Active content marketing increases brand awareness and website traffic by up to 50%. An easy way to do this for a doctor’s office is to promote a medical blog on relatable topics your patients may be interested in.

Topics could include medical procedures and tips to stay healthy.

4. Create Relatable Content for Your Patients

An easy way to create relatable content is by showing before and after photos of patients following procedures. You can also include interviews with former patients and their experiences from their time at your office.

If your office allows it, consider videotaping procedures and posting them on your website, so patients have a clearer idea of what to expect.

5. Use Google Ads

You can’t improve your medical practice marketing without using Google advertising. Using specific keywords, Google ads can advertise your medical practice for individuals that meet the demographic of the targeted ad.

You can customize your ads to reach specific patients and gain meaningful insight based on their engagement with the ad. Plus, analytics can help you adjust the ad to enhance results.

Using tools like Quality Patients, you can learn even more about growing your market within the medical community.

Now You Know How to Optimize Your Medical Digital Marketing Strategy

Each of these five tips can significantly improve your medical digital marketing for your practice. It takes an initial investment, but it pays off in the long term.

You could be the best doctor in the country, but if patients can’t find you, it’s useless. These tips ensure patients find your website faster and see content that will make them more likely to choose you as a provider.

If you’re interested in reading about more helpful tips, be sure to check out the rest of our blog. We have a ton of great articles you’re sure to love!

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