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Happy Feet: How to Keep Your Feet Healthy

Your feet play an essential role in every-day life. You put your feet through more than you realize. Every day, your feet carry your body weight, and they are forced to walk on hard surfaces the majority of the time. 

If you don’t take the necessary steps to maintain healthy and happy feet, then you’re risking the possibility of having foot problems, which can be a bigger setback than you might imagine. Being unable to move around freely and comfortably on your feet can lead to greater health issues. 

To avoid any of these health problems and to keep your feet happy, continue reading below. Here’s everything you should know about maintaining healthy and clean feet. 

Wash, Dry, and Moisturize

Athlete’s foot is a common foot problem, in most cases experienced by but not limited to, athletes. Anyone who deals with sweaty feet on a daily basis could be a candidate for foot fungus or athlete’s foot. Dry and peeling skin on the feet is another common foot issue you’ll want to avoid. 

The best way to prevent your feet from suffering from any of these problems is to wash, dry, and moisturize on a daily basis. You should be sure to wash, dry, and moisturize between the toes as well. If you allow moisture to sit between your toes, it can cause fungus or dry skin.

Each time after washing and drying your feet, apply high-quality lotion on your feet and then put a pair of socks on to help keep them moisturized. 

Purchase Shoes Right for You

Wearing incorrectly-sized shoes can cause damage to your feet. It’s also important to note that not all shoe manufacturers size their shoes the same, so it’s a good idea to try every shoe on before purchasing. Another tip to keep in mind is to wait until the afternoon or evening to try on and buy shoes. 

At these times, you’ve walked on your feet all day and your feet will be the largest at these times. Purchase shoes that fit your feet during these times to ensure there’s enough room in the shoe for your feet if they swell during the day. There are also shoes for wide feet that you should consider if your feet tend to be on the wider side. 

Cramming your feet into shoes that are too small can cause bunions, toenail damage, foot pain, and more. The perfect shoe fit will keep your feet in good health. 

Take Foot Pain Seriously 

It’s not uncommon to have pain in your feet after walking on them all day long. After your day ends, be sure to rest your feet by elevating them and relaxing. However, frequent foot pain that gets worse over time or doesn’t seem to relinquish should be considered serious. 

There are a few different causes of foot pain, some being nothing to worry about and others being more worrisome, but it’s never a bad idea to have your feet checked out to ensure nothing serious is going on. Some common medical issues associated with foot pain are as follows:

  • foot sores or ulcers
  • nerve damage
  • fallen arches
  • gout
  • ingrown toenails

Remember, this list offers only a few of the reasons why you might be experiencing foot pain. Know what the exact cause is to correct the problem and have happy feet. 

Wear the Right Kind of Socks

Wearing the right kind of socks is just as important as wearing the right kind of shoes. Your feet need to stay dry throughout the day to prevent some common foot issues. How can you keep your feet moisturized and dry during the day?

Wearing breathable socks will help prevent sweat from sitting on your feet. This is especially important for those whose feet sweat more than usual. Be sure to read what type of material the socks are made of and if they help keep your feet dry before making a purchase. 

Cut Toenails Correctly

Visiting a nail tech on a regular basis can benefit your feet in a few ways. For example, nail technicians know how to cut toenails to prevent ingrown nails and other nail problems. They’ll also remove any excess dry skin from your feet and moisturize them. 

If you’d rather cut your own toenails at home, then be sure to cut the nails straight across. You should also be careful not to excessively file or trim the sides of your toenails. If your nails have sharp corners, then gently file the corners down to smooth them out. 

Keep Sunblock Available 

When wearing flip flops, sandals, or open-toed shoes during the day, you should keep sunblock available. Your feet can get sunburned just like any other part of your body. You should carry a travel-sized container of sunblock with you and apply it consistently throughout the day to your feet to protect them from the sun’s harsh rays. 

Visit a Podiatrist Regularly 

Even if you’re not currently suffering from intense foot pain, it’s still important to visit with a podiatrist regularly. A foot doctor will be able to conduct regular foot checkups and ensure your feet are healthy. If an issue is discovered, then the podiatrist can diagnose the issue and come up with a treatment plan. 

Speak with your podiatrist about how frequently you need to schedule appointments with them.

Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet 

If you want to keep your feet happy, then you must keep them healthy. Following the advice listed in this guide above is a great starting point on your journey to happy feet. Be sure to maintain proper foot hygiene, wear the right kind of shoes and socks, and visit your podiatrist when needed.

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