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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Dental Sedation

Dentistry is known to be one of the oldest medical professions dating back to thousands of years. It has come a long way.

With the phenomenal discovery of sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry procedure. The whole experience at a dental clinic can be less fearful, more comfortable and relaxing.

The type of sedation depends on the procedure being done.

Dental sedation helps in keeping the patient calm, relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure making them sleepy but conscious.

Following are the top five health benefits of Dental Sedation

1. Calm your Nerves

People often get nervous at the thought of dental visit, especially the fear gets amplified at the thought of sitting on the chair.

In such cases, Dental Sedation promotes a feeling of relaxation while the procedure is in progress making the visit to the dentist successful.

Patients tend to get even more nervous when they smell the odor of antiseptics, chemical apparatus or lab equipment. And hear the shrill sound of dental drills making it impossible for patients to remain calm.

By administering a low dose of sedatives keeps them calm and relaxed for hours.

Thus, they can remain in the dental chair longer. This is helpful for time-consuming or multiple procedures. Even those who aren’t nervous about their visit can use dental sedation for procedures that may simply include only numbing.

2. Counters Past Traumatic Experience

Many patients are scared to go to dentists because of past traumatic dental experience. Dental sedation keeps the patient fully relaxed during the whole process, such that they have very little to no memory of their treatment.

This temporary amnesia effect is appealing to patients who have had a traumatic dental experience in the past as they can continue with their treatment with a minimal memory of the actual process.

For some, sensitive gums or teeth, a visit to the dentist can lead to an uncomfortable dental experience. By using Dental Sedation, you can make your trip to the dentist more comfortable. You will be sedated just enough to be unaware of your treatment i.e. by numbing the sensitive areas in your oral cavity.

3. Fast and Multiple Procedures

One of the cons of a dental treatment is the need for multiple appointments for one single procedure. This not only kills time but also costs more for the patient. With Dental Sedation, dentists can cover multiple procedures in a shorter amount of time.

Since patients are able to relax and remain comfortable on the chair for longer hours, dentists can work for a longer amount of time without the need for scheduling a second visit.

Sometimes this can mean getting years of work done in just one visit without feeling a thing. It’s a win-win for both the dentist and the patient.

4. Reduce Gag Reflexes

Gag Reflex is a contraction of the throat that happens when an object touches the roof of your mouth, the back of your tongue, the area around your tonsils, or the back of your throat. The reflex is our body’s natural way to prevent choking.

Nervousness during a dental procedure can cause patients to experience gag reflexes. Sudden gag reflex can give the patient a feeling of choking and the patient can start to sputter. Gag Reflexes can lead to vomiting, that can hamper the dental procedure.

Mild sedation techniques such as inhalation of Nitrogen oxide using Safe Sedate inhalation mask can help patients relax and avoid psychological pressure caused by being in the dental chair.

Applying a topical anesthetic spray or gel numbs the areas inside the mouth and eliminates this common gag reflex trigger.

5. Patients with Special Needs

Kids or patients with special needs like those with Sensory Processing Disorders or Autism or other nervous system related disorders can now have a comfortable visit and get the help they need.

Earlier, it was a challenge to convince individuals with processing disorders to go to the dentist as their experience was filled with hypersensitivity and true discomfort. With sedation dentistry, dentists can clean the teeth or perform complete procedures on both children and adults experiencing these disorders and more.


Modern technology has made the sedation process quick, convenient and easy for people with special needs. The inhaled sedative passed through a Safe Sedate N20 nasal mask can help them keep calm, experience less discomfort.

If you have been avoiding your dental problem due to the fear of pain involved, or due to your kid’s special needs or your previous anxieties or traumatic experiences, it is time that you take a good look at Dental Sedation.

Consult your doctor and talk to them regarding Dental Sedation and they will let you know how you will benefit from sedation dentistry.

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