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How Long Does it Take to Get in Shape?

While many may give you very attractive weight loss periods, a level that is much easier to sustain takes at least 12 weeks. Do you want fantastic dieting and workout advice to get your dream body? https://reshape.me/articles/how-to-lose-weight-in-12-weeks might be your solution.

Getting in shape depends on various factors. Why do you want to get in shape? Are you going for a camping trip, preparing for athletic competitions, or losing weight for a movie scene? Your current weight and your workout and feeding practices also significantly impact the amount of time you’ll take to get in shape.

Let’s dig further into these details.

Can a Military Diet Help Me Lose 10 Pounds in a Week?

One of the best regimes to quickly lose weight is the military diet. Using this plan, you can lose about 10 pounds a week. So, technically it should take you a few weeks to get in shape, right? No!

While you may lose these pounds within a short while, you quickly regain them once you resume your typical diet choices, as most of the weight loss is due to water weight.

Goals are the Main Determinants

Fitness goals are the major factors dictating the time it takes to attain your desired fitness level.

Are you aiming to improve time, strength, lose weight, or reduce body fat, among other reasons? Depending on what you are going for, the amount of time you take will vary.

Someone intending to prepare for a short camping trip will take less time than someone planning to climb Mount Everest. Besides, these individuals require unique training programs tailored to suit the different needs.

When Should I Start Expecting an Improvement in My Health?

While going for your fitness program’s total length will accomplish numerous health benefits, you’ll start feeling better long before finishing it.

Beginners may start feeling better only two weeks into a fitness regimen. Some things you might notice at this point are a reduction in how quickly you become breathless while climbing a long staircase or going uphill. Running to catch your bus starts becoming a little less strenuous.

While two weeks won’t provide you with a ripped body, the minimal changes have more to offer than just the ease to move about. Mental benefits you get to enjoy at this point are even more vital than the physical ones.

At this level, you start gaining more confidence in attaining your fitness goals, which motivates you to go all the way to the finish.

Time Needed to Get in Shape

If you are starting to adopt health practices or have been out of shape for a long time, you may need to work out for at least two months, most days of the week, to realize a moderate level of change

With a well-maintained regular fitness program, you will notice changes within six to eight weeks. In three to four months, you might be well on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

An improvement of your strength takes about the same time as well. If you have good cardio shape and just want to lift weights better, three months may be enough.

Wrapping Up

After getting in shape, remember to observe health practices to stay in this sweet spot. Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the starting point, or even worse, and start solving this problem afresh.

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