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How to Stay Active Around the Clock – Ideas for Staying Healthy

In this stress-laden life, we always seem to be running around with a pile of duties to perform like rushing into office, attending business calls, early morning classes, conferences, and other such things hence completely turning into a machine.

You often come late from work in the night which results in waking up late and skipping your morning breakfast.

I am pretty sure it happens to nine out of ten people out there…

And this gradually turns into a regular habit adversely affecting both your physical and mental condition.

You often get tired thus dozing off most of the times, feeling energy less and a negative environment seems to be trapping you.

This is all due to an unhealthy lifestyle that you cannot keep yourself active all day and the bitter truth it at some point or the other you are responsible for yourself.

Seriously, is this what you guys want? To get detected with a serious disorder at the age of twenty-five due to lack of sleep, healthy food habit, exercises and other such things you are treating with utter ignorance now!

No, right??

I know it’s always not in your hand to maintain a proper routine and live a healthy life but at least take few initiatives and trust me it will improve your current status. You can also check some amazing tips on my website:

First of all, you need to change your mindset and have a positive attitude towards a healthy life. There are a lot of ways to stay active throughout the day and today I am going to discuss a few most important ones with you guys.

Wake up early in the morning (well not too early if you sleep late at night) and go for a walk. You don’t have to run or do exercises just simply go for a walk.

Breathe in the fresh air, put on your headphones and play some work-out tunes or a random song from your playlist. The fresh environment in the morning especially if you go for a walk in a park or by a lake will make you more connected to nature.

This will help you gather a huge amount of positivity and acts as an energizer.

Always remember don’t go for jogging, running even for walking empty stomach in the morning. You can carry some energy drink, protein shake or eat few sprouted beans(best option according to me).

After returning back from walk take 5 minutes rest and then officially enter into your daily active life. Take a nice bath, get dressed up and then the most important part of your day that is having your breakfast.

Guys don’t even think of skipping your breakfast as this will have a longtime negative effect on your health.
Now, what to eat in breakfast?

Don’t even think of having those unhygienic oily foods even thinking of which your mouth already starts watering. Well, once in a while it’s acceptable but prefers eating cereals, fruits, bread, milk or fruit juices. For non-vegetarians egg is also a good option.

If you are addicted to the beverage you can have green tea and then if you think you are having way too healthy foods allow yourself to have the taste of “chai” filled with huge amount of emotions and memories.

But always remember fruits are just as you get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from them.

Then leave for your office, classes or whatever you are up for… It’s a good habit to always go through the newspaper at the beginning of the day but if you are already too late just Google it!

While traveling always remember to carry water with you and at least have 4-5 liters of water every day.

Drinking inadequate amount of water has some serious negative effects on our body like fatigue, tiredness, and dehydration.

Then after running all day attending meetings, making presentations, dealing with clients or dealing with critical patients if you are a doctor having lunch in time is next to impossible.

So, the best alternative is to keep some dry foods with you just to avoid being an empty stomach. Have some dry fruits, biscuits or fruits that are the rich source of energy. Energy bars or drinks are also recommended.

Take vitamin capsules or any other nutrient supplements if necessary and definitely if prescribed by a medical professional.

The next confusion, when you finally manage to have lunch what exactly to have in lunch??

A heavy salad is always preferred as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers. Mushrooms are a good source of protein, fibers, and many minerals and so you can have them in the main course.

You can also have rice once in a week especially the Bengali people for whom it’s hard to resist”maach bhaat” (rice and fish). South Indian dishes like dosa and upma are also suitable for lunch. For students, you can also have sandwiches in your canteen if you are running late for classes.

Again back to work after a fulfilling lunch makes you a bit lazy, but you are allowed take a power nap of 20 mins just make sure your boss isn’t around.

After your office hours, you either go back home or go to a movie or club with your colleagues. Well, I think at times you should go out with your colleagues as socializing can reduce stress to some extent. But always remember to choose your friends wisely because quality comes before quantity.

And if you choose to be at home please don’t sit and do nothing like a lame person.

Try and use your time to benefit yourself.

You can read story books, do yoga, perform any other kinds of stuff that you like to do in your free time. Make creative things to push your brain hard and work a little more.

And if you have a pet take it out for a walk, or at times watch your favorite series and invite your friends for dinner. If you love traveling go out for a long drive. All your tension and anxiety will vanish in no time.

One more thing guys meditation is really important as it increases concentration, makes you feel positive and reduces stress. You can do meditation any time around the clock whenever you are comfortable. But make sure you at least do it one(10 minutes) in the entire day.

Then have a light supper according to your choice. Tortillas are mainly preferred in Indian cuisine along with a side dish. But you can have any kind of soup with breadsticks, fruit custard, and barbecued meat. Just make sure you meet the daily nutritional requirement.

Don’t sleep tight after you have dinner and it causes many digestive problems. Wait a few minutes, make a schedule for tomorrow, set reminders and you are all ready to go…

Rakesh Khushwaha

Hello, I am Rakesh Khushwaha, a content developer at FlipTheLife and would like to invite you on this journey where we will explore the latest tips and tricks on health, fitness, exercise, and lifestyle.

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