Top Five Most Expensive Resorts in the World to Enjoy Your Luxury

Travel planning for most people is an activity that requires time and effort.

While resorts, even the expensive ones, attract tourists via deals and offers splashed on the internet.

There are a few select patrons who eclipse the norms to opt for only the most expensive resorts in the world.

Generally, people are satisfied with a clean, comfortably sized room with a shower and a TV. But these ridiculously expensive resorts boast of rooms that cover an entire floor and are loaded with customized services such as a personal chef, dedicated masseuse and a helicopter or yacht to ferry you around!

Here’s a peek at the top 5 most expensive resorts in the world

5. The Bridge Suite at the Atlantis

Bridge Suite at the Atlantis – Bahamas with a price tag of $25,000 USD per night. The Bridge Suite at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort, Bahamas, comes in at the bottom of this list.

Atlantis is an ocean-themed resort and has two Royal Towers. The 10 room Bridge Suite connects the two Royal Towers and is at a height of 16 stories.

It boasts of a majestic view of the lagoons and pools from the 800-feet balconies on either side.

While the pricey stay is not exactly a steal, this very popular suite has a waiting list of over 2 years!

4. The Ty Warner Penthouse

The Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York Second to last, but no cheap buy, The Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York costs the patron $34,000.

The nine-room suite is said to float in Manhattan. Imperial views of the Gotham City are always for the taking from the cantilevered balconies and floor-to-ceiling windows.

With the choice of a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Mercedes Maybach to chauffeur you, the distinctively designed suite has a Thai canopy bed threaded with gold and a waterfall in the Zen Room.

3. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las VegasWhat happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but this got out – each day you stay at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas your pocket is lighter by $40,000.

The suite is playfully themed on Playboy and has a cantilevered $700,000 jacuzzi with glass walls that showcase a view of the entire Las Vegas strip. Live grand in this two-story suite with gym, spa and a rotating bed!

2. The Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi

Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi Carrying a price tag of $50,000 per night.

Beautifully camouflaged in a 72-acre peninsula in South Athens, this runner-up most expensive resort has every luxury served to you on a silver platter.

The trance of the tranquil waters of the Aegean Sea along with Greek hospitality liberates you from all tensions and worries.

While your personal butler, chef, and trainer pamper you, a heated pool and private deck perfectly indulge the majestic side of you.

1. Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Genevan staggering $65,000 will get you one night at our winner.

The Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland. While the price tag mentioned is the best estimate. The Penthouse Suite is indisputably at the top of the charts of the most expensive resorts.

The suite occupies the entire top floor of the hotel and can be accessed by a residents-only elevator. With four plush bedrooms and six enormous bathrooms, the suite can host a party of about 40 people.

Once inside, you get a spectacular view of the city and of Lake Geneva.

The living room and cocktail lounge are beautifully decorated in a contemporary style. The bulletproof windows plus state of the art security system keep the crème de la crème safe from trespassers.

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