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The Perfect Guide to Starting Boxing Lessons

Boxing is considered to be one of the most serious and competitive games to take part in. There are many serious boxers in the world who have left an impact in this world such as Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, and many young players and individuals aspire to be like them nowadays.

Movies like Rocky have inspired so many people and have helped create a fantasy around the boxing world that many individuals today want to be a part of.

There is no doubt that boxing is one of the most contributing sports to our world and helps people stay fit physically and lead a mentally stable life.

When you train as a boxer whether as a form of playing sports and participating in competitions or just as a way of exercising in a hardcore workout, you will be able to improve your stamina, build muscle, lose fat, build upper body strength and create core strength.

Apart from physical health boxing also contributes heavily to the mental health of an individual for example boxing has been appreciated many times for improving stress and anxiety in a person.

Many people are recommended to release the negative energy that causes them to be anxious, unreasonably angry, and just mentally disturbed through boxing because the sport allows them to liberate their negative energy in a safe environment that will keep them and others around them safe.

So if you’re someone who is looking to commence boxing classes then we suggest that you do not hesitate any further and just go for it!

Here are some things we recommend you take care of that will help you start your boxing lessons in no time.

Things you need to start your Boxing Lessons

1. Boxing Gear Essentials

As a beginner of boxing, we think the first thing you should consider is investing in a proper boxing kit. If you have made up your mind to continue doing boxing then there are a few items we can think of that will help you get the kick start you need:

Head Gear:

Headgears are important especially for amateur boxers who are very new to the game and need to protect themselves from harm while practicing and learning techniques for the first time.

Hand wraps:

Yes, you will be eventually wearing gloves however wraps help protect your fingers as you will be learning how to throw punches and the initial practices might be too impactful for your hands. So we recommend wrapping your fingers with a cloth beneath your gloves.


No boxing kit can be complete without these; take your time and try to really figure out what kind of gloves you should be purchasing according to your comfort, size, and boxing style.

Boxing mitts and pads:

These are again a very investment that you will need to make. Owning boxing mitts and pads will allow you to practice boxing whenever you want, all you need is a friend brave enough to let you practice with them!


Boxing requires an individual to be stable on their feet that means your shoes should be complementing your posture. When by shoes make sure they are comfortable to wear.

2. Breathing Exercises

Breathing is a very important part of boxing although many might realize it your breathing will guide your every move; the core strength that you develop while training to be a boxer is actually guided by the breathing techniques that you adopt.

As you inhale and gather all your energy all of that is released into a focused and concentrated punch while you exhale. Focus and practice breathing because that will guide you immensely throughout your boxing journey.

3. Posture

Boxing depends heavily upon your stance and posture, to be able to deliver a killer punch you need to work on your punching technique and also your posture through which you are able to create enough energy to really throw a punch.

Small variables such as whether you are left-handed or right-handed will affect your posture; what leg comes forward and what stays in the back all depend on how comfortable you are when you are practicing boxing. You need to train well and practice a lot in order to get comfortable with boxing properly.

4. Improve Stamina

Imagine participating in a boxing competition when suddenly you feel like you are running out of breath but by the looks of your competitor he/she still has a lot of energy left in them to continue with the match. This will become a very difficult situation for you and in order to thrive in the world of boxing, you really need to build that stamina.

Take up skipping and jumping rope as an everyday exercise that you just absolutely need to do, and we guarantee that your stamina will improve within weeks.

5. Practice Shadow Boxing

Practice makes perfect and there is no better way of practicing boxing other than doing shadow boxing. Whenever you get the time to practice boxing don’t let the opportunity go and just go for it!

You don’t need any kind of gear when you are practicing throwing punches in thin air but it will help you familiarize yourself with the technique of boxing and make yourself feel comfortable with the sport.

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