Top 4 Power Banks that Every Traveler Should Have – Buyer’s Guide

With more and more travel crucial appliances requiring charging, it’s little doubt that people are turning to portable battery kit to help fill the power rift when traveling.

Be wise that not all battery packs are devised equally in build, price or quality.

Below I’ve listed 4 of the most ordinary and widely notice best chargers on the market at numerous price points.

We carry various portable battery packs when we travel, including traditional and solar powered types. We use them for charging phones, Kindles, Nintendo DS, even laptops on the road.

If your travel plans involve long journeys or locations and countries where power availability will be an issue, you should most certainly be investing in portable battery packs.

4 of the Best Rechargeable, Portable Battery Packs for Travel

1. Anker PowerCore 10000

Anker PowerCore 10000, One of the Lightest and Smallest 10000mAh extraneous Batteries, High-speed, Ultra-Compact, Charging Technology Power Bank for Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, and More This little power pack is excellent for day trips where you just want a top up.

Small ample to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to charge a couple of phones or the same a few times if you’re really power hungry, this one doesn’t hurt your wallet condensed.

One of the lightest and smallest 10000mAh portable charger 2.36 x 3.62 x 0.87 in, 6.4oz. Afford almost three and a half three Galaxy S6 charges or iPhone 6s charges.

2. Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh extraneous Battery with Dual Input dual Speed rejuvenate and Port, 3 USB Ports for iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, and more quick devices. For the harsh power user.

With an immense 26800mAh capacity, this will last for those weekends away. If you’re traveling off the grid for a short time this is the one to have. Big enough to do tablets as well as phones this will cover all bases.

It can alike charge more than one device at a time. It also rejuvenates itself twice as quickly as other devices meaning you should never be tight without power.

More expensive as far as battery packs go but this ticks all the boxes if you really need a large amount of portable power.

If you don’t want the solar, I’d choose this one for travel. High Capacity. 26800mAh of power charges most mobiles up to 7 times, tablets at least 2 times and any new USB device numerous times.

3. Solar Charger, Hickey 10000mAh Solar Power Bank

Solar Charger, Hickey 10000mAh Solar Power Bank Waterproof Portable Solar Panel Energy craggy Shockproof Dual USB Port With LED Flashlight for iPhone, Android Smartphone This is the solar powered charger I have and use.

I like that it can be other solar or power charged. Being craggy, water resistant, dust resistant, and shockproof means I’m not worried about it getting damaged as we travel the world.

The solar charge part is great for topping up any charge, anywhere. Just leaving it on a table in sunlight means it is topping up. With the added bonus of a built-in torch for night time in new hotels, it is ideal on many levels.

The price is also great. This is the one we use for trekking in Nepal when power is hard to come by.

It has a lower charge capacity, the same as the model at the top of the page, but the capability to top up in daylight makes that fact frivolous.

4. Anker Power Core 5000, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh

Anker PowerCore 5000, Ultra-Compact 5000mAh extraneous Battery with Fast-Charging Technology, Power Bank for iPad, iPhone, Android and more The smallest and inexpensive charger, less charge than the model above but a lower price.

Really only applicable for a day trip. This charger will get you out of a low battery warning but isn’t going to get you much further.

Fast, Rigged with absolute PowerIQ technology, it includes the quick charge to any phone or tablet up to 2A.


We can present you with all the information and facts but basically, only you can decide what power bank is best for you. If you compare this article please share it with other travelers.

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An engineer by profession, blogger by choice and traveler by passion defines me best.

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