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Prescription Savings Tips: How to Lower Your Costs

Studies show that around 137 million Americans suffer financial hardship because of medical debt.

Other people simply avoid buying the prescription medication they need because they can’t afford it. If you’re one of those people juggling your budget to pay for your drugs, help is at hand.

Here’s how to maximize prescription savings so you can save on the healthcare you need.

Speak to Your Doctor About Prescription Savings

Have an honest chat with your doctor about the affordability of the medication they prescribe. They may know of ways to help you save on prescriptions

During your research, you may notice that stronger doses of some medications can cost the same as milder versions. That means you can split your pills and get two doses for the same price as one. Remember, you can’t split slow-release meds or capsules.

Your doctor can amend your script to this higher dose to help you save. They can also recommend cheaper versions of the medication that have the same effects or recommend over-the-counter meds that work as well.

Finally, your doctor can prescribe a generic version of your medication, which can result in huge savings.

Choose a Generic Version of Your Medication

Generic medications are up to 80% cheaper than regular medications. The reason for this is that when pharmaceutical patents expire, generic manufacturers piggyback on their expensive research to create drugs of their own.

These have the same active ingredient and thus deliver the same benefits as the original

Most doctors will automatically prescribe a generic medication if possible. Sometimes they might not know of new products, so always ask your doctor to check if any have come to light recently.

Research Your Options

Find out where to get prescriptions filled for less by calling all your local pharmacies to compare prices. You can also do an online search to look for coupons offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Often these producers offer savings to promote their newest medications. You simply fill in your details and if you meet their criteria you can download a coupon redeemable at your local pharmacies.

Fill Your Prescription Online

You can buy meds on line from Canadian pharmacies for much cheaper prices. Canada has strictly enforced price controls, which help to keep the cost of medications down.

It’s legal to do this and if you stick to reputable, registered suppliers, it’s completely safe too.

Most of these websites allow you to compare prices and opt for the cheapest version of your drug. They also provide the option to choose a generic version if preferred.

You’ll also find plenty of discounts and coupons advertised and these can help you save even more.

Find More Great Savings Tips

Prescription savings are only one of the ways you can make the most of your budget in these difficult times.

There are ways to simplify and streamline the daily aspects of your life so you can save money. Keep browsing our blog or bookmark our site so you can stay up to date with all the best life-hacks around.

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