Start Early! 5 Reasons to Get Fit before the New Year

Getting in shape is one of those activities that all of us wish we had time for.

In truth, we are raised in a culture that teaches us to value comfort and dread labor (well, that’s part of the human condition).

Exercise would fall under the latter heading.

What this means is that we really have a mental block when it comes to working out.

It’s so much easier to sit on the couch with a bag of potato chips than to go jogging, for example.

The difference is that jogging will make you feel great, improve your physical condition, and help you lose a few extra pounds (while watching reruns and snacking on trans fats will do just the opposite).

So don’t wait! Start now and you can be well on your way to a better shape before the New Year arrives.

Here are a few good reasons to hit the gym instead of the vending machine.

1. It’s easier

As in, it’s easier to start now than coming January first when you’ve gained ten pounds from holiday feasts and a New Year’s Eve fueled by 1,000-calorie cocktails (if you can’t remember how many you had, it was too many).

By starting your diet and exercise routine now and seeing some progress before the food-fest rolls around, you’re going to be motivated to make wiser choices when the buffet is spread out before you.

If you wait until the New Year to start, you’ll likely splurge over the holidays and end up in worse shape than you started.

2. More energy

The stresses of the holiday season can leave you feeling frustrated and fatigued.

But working out at least 3-4 times a week and filling your body with nutritious and balanced meals can help you to maintain a steady supply of energy.

And endorphins so that even a long list of to-dos seems totally manageable and you hit the pillow ready to sleep each night instead of staying up worrying about everything you’ve got to get done.

3. Feel Good

You may think that exercise will make you tired, or that what you really need when it gets cold is the comfort food your body craves.

Wrong! Keeping fit, shaping up, and paying attention to your nutrition will all make you feel like a million bucks.

Not only will aches and pains melt away as your body becomes the well-honed machine it was meant to be, but filling your body with vital nutrients will keep you on an even keel.

And when you look in the mirror, your brand new body will make you feel both attractive and proud.

4. Control

Practicing self-control in one area of your life can be a great way to combat feelings of anxiety brought on by the loss of control in others.

Since the holidays are often a time when we feel overwhelmed, just knowing that we are in total control of managing our own bodies can take the heart rate down a notch and bring us back to the present.

5. Save your resolution

A New Year’s resolution should not be wasted on getting in shape!

You should endeavor to keep up a fitness routine throughout the year so that resolutions can be made for things.

Like resolving a conflict with a family member, setting aside more time to spend with your kids, getting in touch with an old friend, or taking a class to learn something new and improve your life.

Rakesh Khushwaha

Hello, I am Rakesh Khushwaha, a content developer at FlipTheLife and would like to invite you on this journey where we will explore the latest tips and tricks on health, fitness, exercise, and lifestyle.

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