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8 Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis is a well-known drug all around the world; however, the way that people know it can vary.

On one side, people claim that cannabis is like the be-all and end-all cure for every ailment, and it doesn’t have any negative impacts.

Whereas, on the other side, people say that it is a dangerous gateway drug that will get you addicted and make you experience withdrawal symptoms.

Now, neither of these groups are right; the truth is somewhere in between these two extremes. Like everything else in this world, cannabis has both benefits and flaws.

Moreover, cannabis is known to affect people differently based on their gender. Sexual hormones like estrogen and testosterone have a significant impact on our endocannabinoid system, which leads to different effects of cannabis in men and women.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the adverse effects of cannabis on women, and why women should avoid consuming cannabis.

Reasons Why Women Should Avoid Consuming Cannabis

Women build up a tolerance against marijuana quicker than men

A recent study from the Washington state university studied the differences in the effect of weed on both genders and found that women can build up a tolerance to the effects of cannabis much faster than men.

Women need larger doses to get the effects of cannabis, and they may have to do tolerance cleanses more often than men.

Women are less sensitive to the pain-relieving effects of cannabis

One of the most prominent medical benefits of cannabis is pain relief. Cannabis can naturally numb various kinds of pains, but studies have shown that men might be able to get the better of this benefit.

A study from 2016 discovered that pain sensitivity in men was decreased more significantly than women after smoking weed.

However, some studies contradict this. For instance, one study from the Washington state university declared that when the estrogen levels of women are at the peak. They are more susceptible to the pain countering effects of cannabis.

Therefore, it is clear that more research is required when it comes to the topic of cannabis-induced pain relief for men and women.

Cannabis doesn’t boost the metabolism of women as effectively as it does for men

Cannabis affects people where they get starving after smoking it. This effect is termed as “the munchies”, and it happens because of accelerated metabolism. Apart from making you hungry, an accelerated metabolism has a lot of other advantages for the body as well.

Moreover, studies have shown that women are less likely to get the “munchies” after smoking weed. Where some women may see this as a good thing, it isn’t.

“Munchies” are caused because of heightened metabolism, which can aid in digestion and improve the functionality of your immune system as well.

Women are typically more susceptible to the adverse withdrawal symptoms of cannabis

A report published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse studied the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana in men and women. It was found that women were significantly more likely to experience the negative withdrawal symptoms of smoking cannabis.

Women reported a lack of appetite, sleep issues, anxiety and stomach problems after using marijuana, way more frequently than men did, therefore, women should avoid using cannabis because the withdrawal symptoms can be much more detrimental for them.

Cannabis smoke contains carcinogens

Inhaling smoke into your lungs isn’t good for them in any way. Though tobacco smoke is undoubtedly more dangerous, cannabis smoke isn’t much safer either. It can contain a significant number of hazardous carcinogens that are detrimental to both men and women.

Therefore, men and women should avoid smoking cannabis, and if you need to use cannabis for any medical or recreational reasons, you should try cannabis edibles, concentrates, and vape pens. Check out to get some of the best cannabis strains, edibles, and accessories.

Cannabis is harmful to pregnant women

Though cannabis shouldn’t be used regularly by anyone, pregnant women need to avoid it strictly. Though marijuana does have some medical benefits like countering nausea and pain. Which makes it attractive for pregnant women, cannabis can be quite dangerous for the health of your child.

The cannabinoids from the bud can make way to the fetus and cause severe problems in the development and the growth of the child. Therefore, cannabis must be avoided by women, especially those who are pregnant.

Cannabis can kill the long-term ambition of people

Cannabis is widely recognized because of its soothing and relaxing effects. Whereas very few strains are known because of increasing creativity.

Over the long run, cannabis can make you too relaxed to the point that you don’t even care about anything; therefore, if you want to focus on your career and continue pursuing your ambitions, you need to avoid using cannabis.

Cannabis can act as a gateway drug

Though cannabis is not too addictive, excessive use can turn you into an addict. Cannabis is widely known as a gateway drug, as it introduces harder and more potent substances.

However, since the legalization of weed, people using it don’t have to be exposed to criminal societies. Therefore, if you want to stay safe from drug abuse, you should avoid using cannabis.

Lastly, that is all ladies, hope you get the reason why women should avoid consuming Cannabis. And we home that found this post useful and informative.

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