Reasons Why You Should Buy Sterling Silver Jewelry

There are a lot of people that associate sterling silver with opulence and luxury. There are also people on the other end of the spectrum who think it is not good enough because it is not real gold.

Depending on where you stand, it will be hard to deny that sterling silver jewelry does make an excellent accessory and should be in your wardrobe. You might be thinking of buying jewelry as a gift but can’t seem to make a decision based on the options available in the market.

Here are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider buying sterling silver jewelry

1. It is Durable

If taken care of the right way, sterling silver has the potential to last a lifetime. If you’re a savvy owner, you’re probably aware that the same piece can look exactly the same even if it is 50 years from now.

True sterling will not come cheap. You should make sure that you’re only buying from a reputable seller to avoid working with a con artist.

Make sure you’re looking for the 925 sterling stamp before you by any piece of jewelry to avoid buying a piece of fake jewelry.

2. Easy to Keep With the Trends

There are some metals that will not age gracefully. As such, it will be hard to keep up with the trends. Sterling silver jewelry has been popular for decades and if trends are anything to go by, you can be assured it will be there to stay.

The designs might chance but there is the guarantee that the latest styles will always include sterling silver. To look your best at all times, it is imperative that you have a few silver pieces in your arsenal of accessories.

3. Unlimited Options

Even if you’re buying wholesale jewelry, you have to make sure that sterling jewelry is in the collection. Silver is known to be a relatively soft metal.

This means jewelers find it easy to mold and experiment with different designs. For someone that is always looking for variety, there will be a ton of options to choose from.

You can be sure that you’ll find a piece that perfectly meets your requirements. There will always be a new sterling piece to update your collection.

4. Easy to Build Jewelry Collection

The availability of a wide variety of sterling silver jewelry options in the market makes it easy to build a collection in no time. You could be thinking of building a luxury collection which is only for special occasions.

With sterling, there is always something to choose from even if you’re looking for a high-end piece. One of the biggest advantages of sterling is that it is not only common with consumers but is also synonymous with designers.

There is an endless supply of different designs because all the stakeholders are actively engaged in producing new collections. If you’re looking to build a collection that you’re proud of in a short period of time, sterling silver will be the way to go.

5. Versatility

Sterling silver is always going to be appropriate no matter the occasion. Dressing for a casual dinner? Going for a charity event? Sterling silver is incredibly versatile and you can rock it with just any outfit in your wardrobe.

This is because silver will always add a touch of elegance to any outfit. The versatility extends when you wear with other metals. There is no worry that your new accessories won’t match your old gemstones.

Silver provides the opportunity to come up with a unique look that can only be pulled off by you.

6. Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Allergies to metal is a real thing. That is why some people have to be extra careful when shopping for jewelry. There are some base metals that easily irritate the skin but the same can’t be said of silver.

If you’re allergic to metals such as brass and silver, wearing sterling silver will not be a big problem at all. This is particularly important for accessories like earrings. Irritations could lead to serious infections.

7. Easy to Maintain

No one wants to buy jewelry that will be hard to maintain. It will obviously be disappointing when you start seeing that your favorite piece is not as shiny as when you first bought.

One of the ways you can maintain the jewelry is by wearing them regularly. This is because the oil on the skin helps with cleaning the metal. There is no more worrying about the dirty look.

It is also easy to clean silver pieces with varnish. The secret is to ensure that you’re wearing the jewelry regularly. It will be a lot easier to spot if the shine is going away.

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