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4 Reasons Why You Should Think About Getting a Harley – Davidson This Year

There’s an old saying about putting off for tomorrow what you can do today. For example, there are those who fantasize about traveling around the world.

On the other hand, lots of bike enthusiasts want a Harley-Davidson. It’s time to start doing the things on your bucket list.

1. The Price Is Right

New touring Harleys start at $18,000. That’s expensive for a bucket list item. Consider a used Harley you can buy from American Motorcycle Trading Company.

You’ll spend a lot less to experience a dream. Additionally, many pre-owned Harleys come with great warranties. It’s always possible that riding a motorcycle is not for you. If so, the dealer will be happy to buy the bike back.

2. Harleys Are Sturdy

Are you planning on hitting the open road? If so, Harley is the motorcycle for you. Harleys are heavy, and the rider doesn’t get thrown around in the wind.

Harley riders don’t want to travel fast. Rather, they want to reach their destination in comfort. The sturdy machine is built with a V-twin motor that’s perfect for long-distance riding.

There’s no need to panic if mechanical issues arise on the trip. Harley dealers are everywhere in the U.S. and Europe. They have excellent customer service, and repairs are handled quickly.

Owners who do their own repairs don’t have a problem finding parts. The company never tried to reinvent the wheel, so parts are readily available and they’re interchangeable.

3. Cruising is Fun

Riding a Harley across the country is a great experience. Harley enthusiasts love to plan these trips, and you can go along.

Chris Force is a writer for many industry magazines. He writes about his adventures traveling in the midwest on a Harley.

He writes, “it’s the ride these bikes were designed for and they’re absolutely fantastic at it.” Force’s trips are usually around 1,000 miles.

4. A Piece Of Americana

Riding a Harley is as American as apple pie and hot dogs. The first bike was produced in 1903, and Harleys quickly became associated with tough guys.

That’s largely due to Harley’s affiliation with the military. During World War I, a third of the bikes produced were sold to the army.

Harley started the quartermaster’s school to train mechanics for the army. The company produced another 90,000 Harleys for the military during World War II.

Women love Harleys as much as men. Indeed, the dating service BikerKiss reports that women think Harleys are sexier than men.

Men are associated with riding motorcycles more than women, but there are many women who ride and grew up with a Harley. Women have their own motorcycle clubs so they’ll be able to ride with other women.

5. The Brand

Harley-Davidson owners are members of a large club. This club goes well beyond the actual motorcycle. That’s because the company is so good at branding.

Harley’s merchandise is very popular and purchased by non-riders. Further, Harley merchandise is sold on six continents. Licensing accounts for a large portion of the company’s income.

The Harley logo is available on everything from clothing to drinking glasses. The company even has its own jewelry line.

Harley enthusiasts enjoy getting together and comparing paraphernalia.

Customizing your bike is a favorite activity. Popular items to customize include mufflers, throttle grips, footpegs, and saddlebags.

The Harley experience sounds like a good one. Stop putting off your dream and get some instant gratification.

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