The Pros and Cons of Hard Motorcycle Saddlebags

If you consider yourself as an adventurous soul and are always planning your next journey on your most trusted motorcycle then you must be well aware of the ever ongoing debate of what kind of a motorcycle saddle bag you should invest in.

Essentially there are two kinds of saddlebags; soft and hard and both kinds have their pros and cons that are considered by motorcycle enthusiasts when traveling.

This article will focus solely on hard motorcycle saddlebags as it will discuss in length the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to places on a motorcycle. So if you are someone looking into doing proper research before making any kind of commitment or if it’s your first tie purchasing a motorcycle saddle bag then continue reading as we are sure you will have a clearer idea of what you want after you are done reading this article!

Hard motorcycle saddlebags are bought by many people worldwide as they believe this is a safe investment to make. Especially if you’re route on a daily basis requires to travel to places that might have rough terrains and unpredictable weather or if you have the business of transporting a lot of fragile luggage.

For such purposes, many people decide to invest in a hard motorcycle saddlebag.

Let’s look into this further.

Pros of a Hard Style Motorcycle Saddlebag:

1. Weather proof

Motorcycle saddlebags that have a hard exterior are excellent for traveling to places with unpredictable weather. You can safely travel through the snow, during a rainstorm, or even during a sand storm; the hard motorcycle saddlebag will keep your items safe from any kind of damage during the entire course of your journey.

2. Sturdy and Durable

Free from tearing apart or becoming damaged in a non-repairable way, hard saddlebags have proven to be much more durable than soft exterior saddlebags.

3. Steady

Once you have securely installed the hard saddlebag you can just kick start your motorcycle and begin your journey without having to care about the saddlebag shifting or changing its position or falling over. No matter how many turns you take your hardcover saddlebag will not shift.

4. Secure

Hardcover motorcycle saddlebags often come with complex and secure lock systems that allow you to keep your expensive things or fragile items safe and secure without having to worry about them getting ruined or stolen.

Hardstyle saddlebags are excellent for carrying your electronics and expensive things, especially when traveling to places that are far away and that have rough terrains.

5. Personalize

Because of their hard exterior and the shiny outer surface, it is very easy to personalize hard motorcycle saddlebags with stickers and magnets. Most importantly you can attach further equipment to them such as water carriers, camping equipment, etc.

6. Stylish Exterior

Many riders are attracted by the shiny exterior of hard motorcycle saddlebags because they look very chic and stylish.

Cons of a Hard Style Motorcycle Saddlebag:

1. Limited space

Unlike soft motorcycle saddlebags hard style saddlebags have limited space, they are not flexible or elastic hence you can’t fit in too many things at once in them. For this reason, you will need to learn packing techniques and packing hacks to be able to carry and fit all your belongings carefully and efficiently in your hardstyle saddlebags.

2. Heavy

Hard style motorcycle saddlebags can be quiet heavy on their own without even the luggage you put in them; they can weigh your motorcycle down and create a hindrance to your journey as well. Hence you have to pay extra attention to the kind of things you will add to your saddlebag.

3. Space Consuming

Once you have attached this hard style saddlebag to your motorcycle by sure to be aware that it will widen the width of your motorcycle which will prevent you from traveling efficiently through traffics and small spaces.

You will need to be careful when riding through narrow streets and narrow areas so that you don’t hit anyone or cause damage to your own motorcycle.

4. Installation

Another con about hard style motorcycle is that you have to purchase installation gears according to your motorcycle, which will make it difficult to install it on any other kind of motorcycle.

In order to attach it to some other kind of motorcycle, you will need to buy new equipment that will support the saddlebag according to that motorcycle. This again can be a major inconvenience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

5. Expensive

Hard shell saddlebags can be very expensive as well, much more expensive than soft shell saddlebags. This then becomes a serious determinant when deciding what kind of investment you are willing to make.

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