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The Ultimate Newborn Essentials List

Waiting for your baby is an exciting and life-changing experience that will bring new things and new emotions into your life. That’s why preparing for your baby’s arrival mustn’t be a stressful task, but an activity that will fill you with joy.

If possible, go baby shopping with your spouse since you will bond with your partner even more by doing so. In this article, you can find the ultimate newborn essentials list, so you can be completely ready when your bundle of joy finally arrives.

Newborn clothing – what to pay attention to

For many soon-to-be parents, there is nothing cuter than choosing tiny baby clothes. Keep in mind that your baby needs something practical, comfy, and cozy.

Baby clothes need to be made from natural fiber (if possible organic cotton). Avoid polyester and its blends because they are known to irritate a newborn’s sensitive skin.

When buying clothes for your tiny human, make sure it will suit the seasons. While shopping, search for “infant size” items or “0-1 years” tags on clothes.

Don’t buy too much because babies grow significantly in the first year. If you purchase a bunch of clothes, there is a big chance the baby will not manage to wear them all.

Baby clothing essentials checklist:

  • Onesies are a must – Buy 3-5 short-sleeved and 3-5 long-sleeved onesies
  • 4-6 infant t-shirts (kimono style t-shirts are great)
  • 5-7 pairs of cotton pants – stretchy ones, preferably footies
  • 4-5 one-piece pajamas
  • 6-8 pairs of socks
  • At least one pair of soft booties, since shoes aren’t necessary until your infant starts to walk
  • 2 cotton sweaters
  • 2 hoodies
  • At least one front buttoned jacket
  • 1-2 broad-brimmed sun hats – if you’ll have a summer baby
  • 1-2 soft caps that cover ears – if you’ll have a winter baby
  • At least one knit cap
  • Few pairs of no-scratch mittens
  • 3-4 seasonal outfits for going outside
  • Baby snowsuit or a bunting
  • 2 wearable blankets – for cold days
  • Stroller blankets – at least one lightweight and other heavy

You’ll also need to buy a sensitive, baby-friendly laundry detergent.

Woman carrying a baby who is wearing a brown onesie

Baby Nursery Essentials

Put all your creative ideas into the décor of your baby’s room. Then, buy furniture and bedding that will make baby-care easy, safe, and enjoyable.

Baby essentials needed for a nursery are:

  • A comfortable place for your baby to sleep: crib, cradle, or baby bassinet
  • Firm and flat sleeping mattress and waterproof mattress cover
  • 2-4 cotton sheets
  • Nursing chair and nursing pillow
  • 2 soft blankets
  • A dresser for baby’s clothes and other baby items
  • Rocking chair or a glider
  • Baby monitor
  • Table for diaper changing or a dresser with changing pad
  • Baby’s white noise machine – it’s optional but useful to have

Diapering – What you need to know

Changing diapers will be challenging at the beginning, but you’ll quickly get used to it. There are many diapers on the market – reusable, disposable, and their combinations. Cloth diapers can save you some money but require more time and effort from your side for cleaning and maintaining.

There is also a variety of baby wipes to choose from – pre-moistened, dry ones, etc. When in doubt, buy one of each sort, so you can try them in different situations and conclude which one works the best for your little one.

Must-haves for diapering:

  • 2 changing table pads
  • 2 changing pad covers
  • 2-4 large boxes of disposable infant diapers
  • Cloth diapers and a few diapers covers – in case you’ll use them
  • 2-3 packs of baby wipes
  • A large tube of diaper rash cream
  • Baby powder
  • Diaper bag
  • A few simple grasping toys – for distraction during diaper changes (optional, but you’ll find them very useful)
  • Diaper pail – optional

Newborn essentials list – bathing edition

A baby bath is a fun activity that you’ll enjoy as well as your baby. To be ready for those precious moments, prepare these essentials:

  • Baby bathtub
  • Baby body wash and shampoo
  • 2+ hooded baby towels
  • Few soft baby washcloths
  • Baby lotion
  • Cotton swabs
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Soft hairbrush
  • Infant nasal aspirator
  • Digital thermometer
  • 3-5 pacifiers
  • Bath toys

Happy baby inside white bathtub with water

Baby Feeding Essentials

Whether you’ll breastfeed or bottle-feed your newborn, you’ll need plenty of baby things for a comfortable mealtime. Here are the crucial baby supplies for feeding:

  • 3+ bottles with nipples
  • Bottlebrush
  • High chair
  • 5-7 bibs
  • 5-7 burp cloths
  • Bottle warmer and bottle sterilizer
  • Formula – if you’re going to use it

Items needed for breastfeeding:

  • Few nursing bras and nursing pads
  • Breast pump
  • Milk storage bottles
  • Nursing pads
  • Nipple cream with lanoline

The importance of playing

Every newborn enjoys interacting with the world and expresses interest in their surroundings. That’s why you need to provide something for entertaining, as well as stimulation for each sense (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste).

Your baby will feel excited to have colorful, high contrast, tactile objects for playing, and discovering.
The early stage in a baby’s life is of great importance for their cognitive development. Add the following items to your newborn essentials list, so your baby can enjoy playtime right from the start.

Playing essentials:

  • Bouncy seat
  • Baby books – a few soft books for your baby to explore, and a few hard ones you’ll read to your baby.
  • Musical toy
  • Playmat with toys attached
  • Squishy baby ball
  • Stuffed animals

Whenever you buy clothes, toys, or other items for your newborn, don’t splurge too much. Keep in mind that you will also get presents that are suitable and practical (from your friends and family). You will receive the first gifts at your baby shower and later when your loved ones visit you and help you with the newborn.

Baby girl sitting on a green grass beside a bear plush toy

Ready to travel

Babies love to discover the world and to go on little adventures with you. So, wherever you go, you need to be ready and well-equipped – to be able to spend some quality time outside, when visiting your family, when going on a trip, etc.

In addition to the already mentioned items, you’ll need these things when traveling with your baby:

  • Travel bag
  • A stroller
  • Travel crib – for easy and smooth overnight trips
  • Adjustable baby carrier
  • First-aid kit

Must-haves for traveling in a car

  • Baby car seat which has head support padding
  • Sun shields for car windows
  • Baby mirror

Final thoughts

When you finally buy everything from this newborn essentials list, you can relax and unwind, knowing that you did your best. Your and your baby’s life will be much more comfortable with the items listed above. All of them are designed to make days with your newborn unforgettable and enjoyable.

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