Top Things To Do in Baku – Azerbaijan’s Unusual Capital

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan, which is a popular place for tourism these days. From history buffs to nature lovers, this place has many things to offer to travelers with different mindsets.

Even the place is suitable for solo travelers as well as honeymooners. Now, the big question is that what are the things to be done on the trip to Azerbaijan?

Many things are there to be enjoyed. The country is full of wonders to offers to the travelers.

Even there are uncountable things that you can enjoy at Baku, which is the capital city of this country. In the following section, we shall mainly find the things that are recommended to be enjoyed at Baku.

Check out some amazing things to do in Baku

1. A Walk to the Baku Old City

A portion of Baku is known as Old City. As the name suggests, this is the primitive part of the city. This part of the city can be described as a place which comes out right from the history books. Old mansions, narrow streets, and lanes are some of the major characteristics of this place.

A guided tour, especially a walking tour around this place is perfect to explore the place. Every nooks and corner have something special as well as exquisite to offer at this place in Baku.

Many tour operators are there, offering guided walks to the Old City area. You can try any of them to explore this wonderful part of the city of Baku.

2. Visit Bibi Heybat Mosque

The amazing Bibi Heybat mosque has been recognized as a religious place for the Muslims.

Apart from its religious importance, the mosque attracts tourists for its antiquity. The beautiful structure is itself a piece of art which should be observed carefully to identify the glorious past of technology in the field of building construction.

This 13th-century mosque is an iconic place of the city of Baku. Many stories are connected with this place. Hence, overall this is a must-visit place for travelers.

3. Bird’s Eye View from Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower is another ancient construction or monument, which one should visit in Baku. This tower has been considered as an engineering marvel.

It was constructed in 12th-century, as per the historians. Being such an old monument, it has obviously become the tourist attraction in Baku.

However, the place also attracts tourist for its bird’s eye view offering. You need to claim up to the tower and from the top of the tower, you shall get a terrific view of the Old City. Your Baku tours will become exceptionally pleasant with a visit to this Maiden Tower.

4. The Mysterious Flame Tower

Another tourist attraction of Baku is the Flame Tower, which is located in the Old City region of the city. Flame Tower consists of three tall buildings.

It stands as an iconic landmark of the city of Baku. Hence, it is a place that you must pay a visit.

Many other things are there to be enjoyed in Baku, including mud volcano, carpet museum and many more.

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