Things to Do in Edinburgh – Best Place To Enjoy Your Holidays!

Anyone who travels to Edinburgh for a short break? and won’t find the best things to do in Edinburgh.

No matter what’s on your agenda – be it history, walking, eating or drinking – Edinburgh has a number of attractions and facilities to cater to your needs.

Let’s check out the list of best things to do in Edinburgh with your family.

Best Things to Do in Edinburgh – A Place to Enjoy your Holidays

1. History, artifacts and Such

National Museum of Scotland

Let’s start with history…

If you’re looking to take in a bit of culture, then the popular and affordable National Museum of Scotland will be right up your street.

Spending a few hours in here will allow you to brush up your knowledge of Scotland, as well as seeing a comprehensive collection of many memorable artifacts, including those from Charles Darwin’s adventures.

If this doesn’t quench your thirst for museums, then you could also pay a visit to the National Galleries of Scotland to see some art.

Finally, weather-permitting you could also pay a visit to the stunning Royal Botanic Garden.

2. Activity and Sightseeing

Edinburgh Castle

If relaxing isn’t your thing and you want to spend some time on your feet then Edinburgh can also accommodate that perfectly.

The Royal Mile is a lovely street which plays host to some nice bars and shops which you could spend hours in.

Perhaps more important is the fact that the Royal Mile leads up to Edinburgh Castle, – arguably the focal point of Edinburgh sightseeing.

If you’re there for a weekend, then paying a visit to the castle at 13.00 on Saturday will allow you to present for the firing of the field gun.

If the walk up to the castle didn’t tire you out then hiking to the top of Arthur’s Seat will allow you the best view possible of Edinburgh. Not only is this Edinburgh’s tallest hill, but also an extinct volcano.

3. Eating and Drinking

Couple Drink Scotch whiskey

As you would expect, there are also a number of places to eat and drink when in Edinburgh. One place that is a must-visit for lovers of Scotch whiskey is the Scotch Whisky Experience – situated on Castlehill in the old town area of Edinburgh.

Not only is this an excellent scotch shop, but it is also a learning experience as you are introduced to the history and the process involved in making whiskey.

Your admission to the Scotch Whisky Experience also entitles you to a dram, which allows you to taste the whiskey before deciding whether to buy more.

4. Events and Shows

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Whilst there isn’t a bad time to visit Edinburgh due to the vast amount of indoor attractions, summertime in Edinburgh really is a delight.

What’s more, if you time your break right then you could be present at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

This festival of comedy, music, and theater runs in August every year and really does offer something for everyone.

One thing to bear in mind is the fact that many tickets and Edinburgh hotels do sell out months in advance of the festival, so it’s important to plan your break well in advance to avoid disappointment.

However, if you’re lucky enough to catch this great event while in Edinburgh, you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

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