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6 Things to Know Before Trying Cannabis for the First Time

There are many reasons for you to want to try out cannabis. Are you suffering from a medical condition, and you have heard that medical cannabis is a great solution to run to?

Also, the many stories and theories on how medical cannabis is helping in treating many conditions and has many health benefits, may make you want to try it. However, you don’t even know the right dosage or how you should start using cannabis to treat your ailments.

Are you interested in finding out about the stimulating effects of marijuana? And you now want to try it for yourself and feel the ‘highs.’ For a first-timer, you probably don’t even know much about cannabis, the best strain for you and how to take it.

Join me as I take you through these fantastic six things that you should know before trying out cannabis for the first time and get a great experience.

A study shows that 44% of adults in legal cannabis states have tried it for the first time, and the numbers are increasing day by day.

Things to Know Before Trying Cannabis for the First Time

1. Time

You should consider the best time to take cannabis. Evaluate yourself and how you are feeling.

Are you in your right moods and energy? Well-fed and relaxed? Are you free of your ordinary daily engagements? Then this is a good time.

You don’t want to take cannabis for the first time when you have an interview to attend the next day or have an appointment with a client.

Is your body in its normal state? You should not take cannabis for the first time when you are anxious, sick or feeling fatigued.

If you have errands to run after taking cannabis is also not a good time for you. Plan and schedule a good time when you are not sick, in the right mind, and are free from any engagements; this is the perfect time for you to try your desired cannabis strain.

2. Do not mix your drugs


All drugs have different effects on the user. Like in cannabis, different types have different effects, Sativa gets you feeling high and energetic, while indica will give you the deep relaxation mood, the hybrid is a mixture of indica and Sativa. You might want to choose which type you will start with for your first time.

After choosing your cannabis strain, you should take it alone so you can experience the effects it brings along. Avoid drinking alcohol as a top-up with a puff of cannabis.

Many people make the mistake of trying their first vape after drinking alcohol. Combining drugs will not help you in determining which effects which drug has on you. For the first time, take cannabis alone.

3. Consider medical conditions

Despite marijuana being a medication, people also use it for recreational purposes. Some people may use cannabis for medical purposes while others use it for recreational purposes. Consider why you want to use your marijuana.

Are you suffering from any medical condition such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, diabetes, or any other disease? Then you should consider talking with your doctor before you take cannabis for either purpose that you have.

Some medical conditions bar patients from using drugs while using a medication, it is always best if you get advice from your doctor.

4. Consider your environment

Decide on your best setting; environment. Are you at home or away at a place that is familiar to you?

Are you with people that you know, and you feel comfortable with? Is everything that you may need available? You may want some food, fruits, and just a comfortable place you can lie when you think.

If all the above are available, then this is the best place to try your cannabis for the first time.

Avoid unfamiliar places and people that you are not familiar with. You might be in a place where you have to pretend that you are okay while you are in an altered state.

You might be in a place where you might not get things that you may want. Consider rescheduling until you at an excellent place to try cannabis for the first time.

5. Don’t Rush for Cannabis Edible too quickly


There is always the first time for everything. Newbies might think that edibles are easier for starters. Edibles have a higher dosage and take a little more time to get to the system.

Typically, a cannabis edible requires some time for processing before its absorption into the bloodstream. Thus, this delays the effects that come with cannabis.

When you vape cannabis, it gets into your bloodstream and quickly gets into your brain, and you can experience its effect soon enough. Vaping is the best for starters.

Remember to start slow, with a few doses of maybe two or three milligrams, wait for the effect. One can find high-quality CBD vapes from reputed online retailers on Cannabis Store. They deliver High-Quality CBD products at the comfort of your doorstep.

You might not feel anything, and that doesn’t mean you stop. Add a little dosage as you measure yourself and how much is enough for your expected experience of cannabis.

6. Consider the local laws

Weed is not legal in all states. Even in those states that cannabis is legal, there are laws that govern its sale, purchase, and even growing.

Get familiar with the local laws to ensure you don’t break them unknowingly. One should buy only from authorized dispensaries that sell cannabis seeds and within the local law.

You should understand the laws governing cannabis purchase and the places you shouldn’t smoke (some laws prohibit vaping at a public place).


Trying cannabis for the first time is an adventurous experience. Doing your homework on the local laws before trying marijuana is key to making your experience better.

Start with small doses and increase if you don’t feel anything. Do not start with edibles since you might take a large dose without realizing it, and the effects might be too strong for you to bear.

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