Things You Should Consider Secret About Your Love

Being in a relationship is a thing of joy, but often times people fail to realize some common blunders that they commit concerning their loves.

Things you should consider secret about your love

1. Sex

Sex is a secret between two lovers who are into a relationship. Going about telling your friends about how it went and how it goes will definitely cause your relationship to become an expose relationship.

This is a not something to be discussed with friends. It will cause to break your relationship.

Other people don’t need to know “how big it is” or what turns him on! This is something that shouldn’t be shared with anyone. And I mean ANYONE. This is just plain weird! Keep this stuff to yourself.

2. How Successful your relationship is?

Stop telling people especially the single friends of yours about the success or greatness of your boyfriend/girlfriend and relationship, you have got to remember when you were single or without your love, one of your friends were totally infatuated with her boyfriend.

“Being in love and in a great relationship can be one of the most amazing things. But it’s important to be sensitive to your friends who are single and not in a relationship right now.”

You had to hear about it all the time, and after a while, you were a bit fed up. Chatting about something adorable your Partner did is fine from time to time, but don’t go overboard.

3. Financial Issues

Money can be a scary indulgent sometimes. It isn’t supposed to be a thing of discussion with other people who are not inside the relationship.

It is important you share your conditions with people fine, but don’t consider revealing most of the inner part of it.

4. Fighting and Nagging

This is one of the important things to get reasonable advice from friends, and respectful people who have become veterans of experience, but it is not advisable to be so specific about the particular situation.

You can only find a little advice from them in order to comfort yourself and feelings. Both of you are in a relationship which is for better and for worst.

5. Your partner private details

Many peoples usually turn their partner’s private details into something else thereby discussing here and then about their partner. But this I tell you is very wrong.

Failing to respect your partner’s wishes could mean the demise of the relationship, especially if word gets out.

“You shouldn’t tell your friends any secrets or private things your boyfriend entrusts in you,” “Don’t even think for a moment that it would be okay to just tell your best friend.”


Because if your love ever finds out that you shared something that he entrusted to you, he will never trust you again with anything else that he holds near and dear to his heart.

It took a hard enough time opening up about their feelings, so don’t breach the trust of your love.

Till then enjoy your special time with your love and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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