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Things You Should Know Before Buying LED Lights

Are you fond of LED lights and want to replace them with your bulbs? We will tell you all about LED lights and what you have to see before buying LED lights.

LED lights can be very effective as they are wanted by everyone and are replacing every other light that is used before in the past such as bulbs, tube lights, and even street lights are getting changed with the LED lights.

There are many things that you should see before buying any type of LED lights as they are many types of LED lights with different sizes and shapes you will hard to consider the things you have to see before buying any one of them.

So if you are ready we will start our article that will tell all the features you have to see before buying any LED light.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying LED Lights

1. Lumens

In common bulbs, wattage can be an indication of brightness but in LED bulbs wattage is not in the indication of brightness instead of the wattage there comes lumens that are known for the indication of the LED bulbs.

You should see the value as the LED bulb amount is calculated of how many Lumens the bulb is and for that, you have to calculate the total lumens with the cost of a single lumen that is in your country.

You should also see the quality of the chip and the manufacturer so you can identify the quality of the LED bulb as well. So always measure the price first before buying a LED light.

2. Choosing the color

LED lights come in various colors from purple to red as for the home people prefer a light that is relevant to a bulb.

A bulb light is a warm white so when it comes to LEDs there are more choices for you in the white section as you can have warm white, soft white that is relevant to the classic bulb and after that, there is another type that is called bright light, this color is bright than the other two and gives you a daylight contrast just like the retailer have in their shops.

The color temperature of light is measured by a unit called Kelvin as the warm white light has a lower color temperature so the Kelvin value of the color will be also lower that will give a comfortable atmosphere while sitting under it, as for the white cool blue light which color temperature rate is higher as its Kelvin will be higher as well.

Its atmosphere is not so comfortable compare to the warm white light.

3. Dimmable LEDs

The number of lights in a room always matters if you have installed too many lights that are not suitable for your room brightness you will need a dimmer to reduce the brightness. As the dimmer makes your light brightness dim it also reduces the electricity bill and also extends your bulb life.

Hence the dimmers only work for the normal bulbs and not for LEDs, if you need dimer for LED’s you will need to buy dimmable LEDs so you can have a dimming feature in your LEDs also.

Dimming will make your electricity consumption really low and also extends your bulb’s life with a bigger margin.

4. All LEDs are not equally created

As the lights are a type of priority for every household LEDs have come in the market to make your LED lights experience better.

As they will give you a great lighting experience in less electricity consumption and you will have to install in a less ratio than the incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, as you have to notice in the market all the LED lights are not the same, some of them are high quality LED lights and some are very cheap in quality.

But LED lights are base on their LED chip so if you want to buy the best-LED light you should prefer to see an LED chip first.

These are all of the things that you should consider before buying any LED lights. Furthermore, if you are interested in cars we have Car LED headlights Review for you only.

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