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Tips and Tricks on How to Sit Comfortably with Sciatica

Sciatica affects nearly 10 to 40% of the American population.

This ailment can affect our daily lives whether it’s during exercise or when we’re trying to work. Perhaps you’re suffering from sciatica and are trying to live with it

Sound familiar? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here is how to sit comfortably with sciatica.

What Is Sciatica?

Before diving into our sciatica sitting tips, it’s important to understand what the condition is. Sciatica isn’t a medical condition, instead, it’s a pain caused by one of the sciatic nerves getting pinched.

These are located in the lower spine and run along the rear and down your legs. When you move, it could rub them the wrong way and cause you discomfort.

Common symptoms include a radiating pain on your affected leg, numb feet, burning or tingling, and a sharp pain that makes it difficult to stand. Many people suffering from sciatica may dig their fist into the muscles of the affected buttock for sciatica pain relief.

What Causes Sciatica?

There are many reasons why you may experience sciatica. It’s often because of a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or if you suffer from piriformis syndrome.

Sciatica may also occur if you’re aging or have diabetes as it can result in nerve damage. Frustratingly, many cases of sciatica don’t have an obvious cause.

If you’re experiencing it, contact your doctor so they can provide effective treatment. You’ll likely need an X-ray or MRI to see what is putting pressure on the static nerve and causing pain.

How to Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Once you understand the ailment, you can learn how to sit with sciatica. It’s often uncomfortable but there are many tips to help you.

Invest In an Ergonomic Chair

First, invest in an ergonomic chair that fits your body and set it to the optimal height and position. Ergonomic chairs are fantastic because it’s cushioned and offer lumbar support so you’re comfortable. An added bonus is how you can pivot the chair so you don’t have to twist your spine and tweak it.

You should also get a coccyx cushion as they provide pain relief, lower back support, and improve your posture.

Do Frequent In-Office Exercises

When sitting with sciatica, get up and move every 30 minutes to promote blood flow to your legs. The most effective in-office exercise is to go for a walk as it offers quick pain relief.

In fact, standing is more beneficial than sitting so if you can, ask for a standing desk. You should also keep a stool nearby where you can alternate one resting foot at a time.

Sit Correctly

Not sure how to sit at a desk with sciatica?

Plant both feet on the floor and keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. To help, roll up a small towel and place it behind your lower back for extra support. It may even help to sit cross-legged to reduce sciatica symptoms.

Or try leaning back or on to one side for pain relief. If leaning back helps, find a desk chair that lets you do this and invest in a recliner so can comfortably watch TV.

Keep Everything Close

While you’re sitting, avoid sudden movements as they could trigger a surge of pain. To avoid this, place everything at your workstation nearby so you can relax and be productive.

You should also position your computer monitor at eye-level and keep your keyboard within arm’s reach so you’re not straining. If you regularly use a phone, pull it towards you so you don’t have to keep reaching forward.

How to Alleviate Sciatica Pain

You’ve learned how to sit comfortably, but it’s important to address the wider issue.

Sciatica may arise because of a medical issue so consult with a physician and they can advise certain exercises or therapies to help you. You should also maintain an active lifestyle with regular exercise because constantly sitting will enhance the problem.

Another cause of sciatica is feeling depressed or stressed. This is because the nervous system restricts blood and oxygen flow to specific parts of our body which causes pain. To help, inhale, and focus your attention on where it hurts as it could reveal emotions you’re not dealing with.

Pinpoint the pain and do gentle yoga poses to stretch it out. You should also get a massage around the sciatic nerve to promote good blood flow and so you can enjoy a flood of dopamine and serotonin to relax you.

Heat compresses are also fantastic as it produces healthy blood flow in your lower body. Get a heating pad or topical creams as they provide effective pain relief with no side effects.

If your doctor suggests visiting the chiropractor, they will suggest effective postural exercises or lifestyle adjustments so you no longer suffer.

That’s How to Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Now you know how to sit comfortably with sciatica.

Sciatica occurs when the sciatica nerve is trapped or compressed so it’s important to discuss this with your doctor. To sit comfortably, get an ergonomic chair, grab a coccyx cushion, and sit up straight with your feet planted on the floor.

Remember to walk every 30 minutes to alleviate pain and workout daily so you have an active lifestyle. Good luck!

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