7 Tips for Female Solo Traveler – The Ultimate Life-Saving Tips

Solo traveling is a lot of fun.

You get to spend your time with amazing people from around the world and make a lot of happy memories.

As a solo female traveler, you get to meet your fellow solo female travelers too. You are independent to make your own choices, spend your money, time, and energy on your favorite activities.

Being a solo traveler, you don’t have to worry about sticking to your itinerary.

You can easily make changes to your plans without worrying about anyone else.

When traveling alone to new places, there are certain things you have to be careful about. Here are seven invaluable tips that will help you in your solo traveling.

7 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

1. Plan

Plan your trip

Unlike traveling with family and friends, traveling solo requires little planning, since you will be handling everything alone.

Your first planning starts with deciding your destination. Once you start looking for destinations, you also research the best time to visit, the safety issues, suitable clothing, weather, etc.

Plan well where you are going to stay and how far will it be from the airport.

If you are planning to visit a place that recently went through some natural disaster or political issues, then go through their official website for travel advisories.

Get knowledge about the present situation at these locations before planning. Also, note that your travel insurance does not cover places with formal warnings.

2. Know your limits

Being a female and solo traveling is so much empowering on different levels that it will change you positively.

Everyone has some fear in them, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to feel comfortable doing some activity, which might give the adrenaline rush.

Solo traveling is all about enjoying yourself and not about ruining your trip, worrying about something you are not sure about.

So know your limits and accept them. This way, you won’t be having any pre-trip anxiety, and you will be much relaxed throughout the journey.

Don’t let your nervousness ruin your trip experience. So, always prioritize your fun and comfort over everything.

3. Beat pre-trip anxiety

Beat pre-trip anxiety

This tip is on how to beat your pre-trip anxiety.

As a woman solo traveler, you might get the FOMO feelings. But remember that you are not alone. While traveling, you will realize that there are other female travelers too.

They are clicking pictures, making new friends, exploring places, and food all by themselves.

Remember that even if you are traveling alone by getting out of your comfort zone, you have your family and friends just a call away.

The internet is at your rescue to keep you connected 24/7. There are communities, forums, and groups of solo female travelers where you can talk and express your feelings without anyone judging you.

4. Travel light

travel light

Traveling light is a win-win for you and the environment, as well.

Pack your travel bags with only the necessary items of clothing. When you pack a light kit, it will be easy for you to travel on foot for a long duration. You can take public transport easily, which also saves money.

Flights allow a particular limit of weight only, and additional weight will cost you extra money.

So, plan of what you will be wearing, your accessories, shoes, and then pack only half of the entire item.

5. Visas and Vaccinations

It is a crucial point to remember after deciding your travel destination. Research on the requirements for getting into the new city like the visa and the vaccinations.

Apply for visas depending on how long it takes to approve. You can get travel vaccinations from your primary care physician.

Let your physician know about your destination and any medical concerns you have. Your physician will guide you accordingly.

6. Book hotels in advance

Book hotels in advance

Once you plan on where you are traveling, start looking for hotels or hostels.

Book the hotel once you have finalized your plan. Note down the address of the hotel and send it to your parents or friends.

So, in case of an emergency, they know how to reach you. Also, during peak seasons, the last-minute booking won’t be possible due to availability issues, and the prices will also be at the peak.

So this will save a lot of money. It also gives you self-confidence and security when you are ready and prepared.

7. Trust your intuition

You will meet all kinds of people while traveling. When you are a female solo traveler, the attention increases a bit more towards you.

Trust your instincts at that point. If someone asks you whether you are traveling alone, always say no. Once you get to know the person, you can easily change your answer.

While partying, don’t overdrink as you have to reach back to your hotel. You can enjoy a glass of viniq, which is a refreshing, red, shimmery liqueur with natural flavors that are perfect for your evenings.


The above seven tips are useful for every female traveler out there. The situations will not always be as you have planned; the weather might be unreliable but roll with it.

Make instant decisions by trusting your instincts. Make new friends that you are going to cherish for a lifetime. Have a plan B clear in your head. This way, you will always be one step ahead.

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