3 Tips for Organizing Your Own Wedding

How to independently organize a wedding celebration that will delight your guests and not overpay at the same time?

This question worries a lot of couples who are going to tie the knot. Where to start and what to pay special attention to? In this article, we gathered three tips for organizing your own wedding.

Tips for Organizing Your Own Wedding

1. Action plan

Before you start organizing the holiday, you need to think through your action plan in detail because rash decisions are fraught not only with frustrated nerves but also with additional costs.

That’s why it is recommended to create a checklist. Before you compile it, it is better to avoid any action, because any process consists of successive steps, rearrange one or two and the picture will begin to crumble.

Many begin, for example, to send out wedding invitations before approving the concept with a decorator.

Based on the checklist, you can look at your wedding as if from the outside (which is sometimes very difficult for couples) and present it as a single project.

It is better to start an online document, give a link to everyone involved so that you can always make corrections together. You will understand that the same budget can be distributed in different ways.

You need to place accents in the budget that are important for both of you.

2. Celebration scale and timing

One of the main principles of budget optimization is reducing the list of guests. Think about who you really want to see at the wedding, cross out all those whom you are “obligated” to call.

Today, small weddings are becoming more popular because the family atmosphere and the warmth of human relations are becoming one of the leading wedding trends. More couples prefer emotional comfort on such an important day as a wedding.

The sooner you start preparing, the better. If you have the opportunity to hire an event coordinator, it is better to do this. He or she will greatly facilitate the life of both you and your guests throughout the day.

Most often, independent brides make mistakes precisely in the timing. Don’t plan an early rise, the wedding day is very eventful and active.

Work on transport logistics taking into account traffic jams that both you and guests can get into. For many couples, ideal timing is gathering, an on-site ceremony and a banquet in one place, without fuss and unnecessary movements.

3. Budget and team selection

One of the main questions that worries all couples is how not to overpay? An experienced organizer, who knows how to make an estimate, allocate a budget and optimize it will always help you with this.

Nevertheless, if you still continue your independent journey to the perfect wedding, you need to prioritize your budgeting process.

You have to start somewhere. Be it a dress, a wedding photographer, a restaurant, a place for exit ceremony. Make an appointment with the photographers you like.

It is completely free and could be very useful. In the conversation, it becomes clear whether this professional suits you. Moreover, you will receive information on how to plan your wedding day, what to look for in order to save time on travel, contacts of makeup artists, designers, videographers, wedding venues, etc.

The choice of the venue and the wedding team are the most important stages in the preparation. Make a shortlist of all the places you like and a list of questions for them. Meet with their representatives in person.

Then you can start to choose a team for organizing your own wedding. Reviews and portfolios are the first stage of selection. The second stage is a personal meeting. The third is a contract because you risk being left without a specialist on the day of the celebration.

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