7 Travel Gadgets to Make Your Trip Magnetic – Must Have Travel Gadgets

Road trips or long traveling tours could be a great break from the monotonous rat race.

Planning such trips with your family can open doors for treasure time. You may schedule a campfire party on a river bank. Or having music, food, and fun under the open sky in a starry night could bring lots of joy as well.

Why not exploit technology for our fun as well as for safety? Following checking out seven such smart tech travel gadgets that you should carry when you next plan your trip.

7 Must-Have Travel Gadgets You Should Carry to Make Your Trip Magnetic

1. Universal Adaptor (All-in-one plug)

All-in-one plug is proved to be the best suitable answer for all those adaptor issues. You might do not see socket compatible with your adaptor at your friend’s house.

Even some original adaptors come in poor quality that does not last long. Some adaptors may need an extender to get fit into power plugs.

This universal all-in-one adaptor put an end to all these worries. Carry this for sure, while you plan to travel next.

This one adaptor covers more than 150 Countries across the globe including US/EU/UK/AU plugs. Thus, known as a universal adaptor.

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Another travel-friendly travel gadgets for you could be Noise-Canceling Headphones. These work best when you have planned a long air journey or a road journey on a heavy vehicle.

As the name suggests, it will not let the outside world noise disturb you. Putting these headphones across ears, you can take a nap.

Having these on will let you meditate even without getting disturbed from surroundings. Bose Quite comfort headphones are quite favorite pick for people. You can also choose among various other popular brands.

3. Kindle

Kindle has replaced traditional book reading with the handy on-go reading tablet. What could be your best partner than your favorite book/novel on a trip?

And in today’s world, reading book means reading online. Kindle is a must for all reading freaks, especially on a long journey.

The HD kindle screen and display quality make it very easy to read in even sunlight. If you too love to read while traveling than say a big yes to Kindle e-reader in your next travel plan.

The lightweight reading tablet is easy to carry and is available at a quite affordable cost.

4. GPS Device

What if you end up facing a dead end while exploring a new area on your road trip? Quite frustrating and threatening, no? Why take any risk when you can grab a GPS with you.

There are so many reliable GPS devices available in the market these days. You can go for Updated Garmin GPS devices, Tomtom GPS, and Garmin GPS devices, etc.

For any cross-city travel; GPS support is a must. You can also rely on GPS even if you are traveling within the city.

Having an updated map on your GPS device will ensure you a safe and timely reach to your destination.

You can, of course, use GPS feature in your smartphone, but a dedicated GPS device is more promising.

5. Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Music is must to make any trip/journey enjoyable. And what about the Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers?

Suppose you have taken a break on the midway of your trip and camping at the river bank.

Having these Bluetooth speakers will create a party mood. The improved Bluetooth technology promises HD sound quality.

They play expected high volumes audio without any distortion. Moreover, these are very lightweight to carry on any trip.

You can buy one for your from Bose, UE, JBL brands. Such branded Bluetooth speakers have run time of 12-15 hrs. These provide you a quick and easy way to play your track throughout your trip.

6. Fitbit Smartwatch

While traveling for long, you should take care of your health as well. You can get a sleep analysis, heartbeat report, and many other health and fitness reports.

These reports can help you to keep an eye on your health during your travel time. Fitbit has enhanced its fitness trackers wrist gadgets to full-on a smartwatch.

Without losing its popular health features, it has incorporated many new smartwatch functionalities. Now you can store several songs, access weather forecasts and can even book a Uber cab. Losing your pocket to get one for you will be worth it. 4day battery backup sounds miracle anyway, but yes!! It’s true.

7. Solar Lights

Solar lights are the best for any camping, hiking, or night jungle parties. When planning for any such trip or party, do not forget to get one packed in your luggage.

Although, for night trip, there are so many other choices available. The solar-powered lanterns are counted as best reliable. As they have the option to be hung or placed on the surface, they provide clear visibility.

These solar lanterns come with a capacity of a minimum of 40 lumens to maximum 700 (Lumens are the light’s output.) some solar lights have the option to get charged through USB as well.

To wrap up – Travel Gadgets

These are the most trending and useful tech travel gadgets that can make your trip exciting. Well, the list doesn’t end here as everybody seels gadget as per their personal needs. But carrying these will be useful for everyone anyway.

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