6 Ways to Style a Trendy Look with Kaftan Wear

The beautiful, loosely-fit and free-flowing kaftans are turning into a rage this season.

Although many of you might consider it only appropriate as a beachwear, you can rock with this stunning outfit by styling it right.

There is always a way to look trendy in almost every outfit you wear, all you need to know is how to carry it.

A kaftan can be used in a variety of designs, colors, different lengths, and versatile fabrics as a multi-use garment and is, therefore, a must for you during any season.

But in this retro dress, to feel like a fashionista, you need to know the fundamentals of styling it properly.

There are some quintessential tips here, girls, to rock kaftan like a diva.

Here are 6 ways to style a trendy look with kaftan wear

#1. The right fabric

Generally, a kaftan Abaya is made of flowy fabrics, but this feature needs to be taken into consideration when you decide to wear it.

Let’s suppose you’re planning a beach picnic or any other informal outing on a warm day, it’s great to choose a kaftan made of natural fabric such as cotton or silk.

Such natural fabrics trap moisture and help even on a warm day to keep your body dry. On the other side, you should choose fabrics such as satin, georgette, rayon, silk, etc. for a party at night.

#2. Lengths for different occasions

Lengths for different occasions

Kaftans are available in both short and long versions.

We suggest you go for a medium-length printed kaftan and put it together with a few leggings to complete your look if you want to get dressed in it for a day in office.

For a stylish and trendy appearance, you can wear a short kaftan for any informal outing with a pair of slim-fit types of denim or shorts.

And if you want to wear a kaftan for any friend or family member’s wedding event, then go on a long one with beautiful colors and rich embellishments.

For example, choose a kaftan on the ground rather than a gown if you prefer to wear it for a cocktail birthday celebration.

#3. The perfect shoes

When you wear a graphic kaftan, it’s better to use a pair of nude heels to complete your look.

With this beautiful and elegant dress, only wedges go well.

And, just go for a pair of high heels in silver or gold depending on the color of bling in your kaftan when you wear this stylish outfit for a party.

#4. Get the jewelry right

You need to accessorize yourself with some beautiful pieces of jewelry to appear fashionable in a kaftan.

While in terms of bling, an embellished kaftan already looks very perfect, you need to be vigilant when picking up the right jewelry for yourself.

It is therefore advisable to dissolve the neck pieces and instead choose the heavy earrings or a sleek maangteeka.

And if you wear a plain or printed kaftan, without hesitation, you can wear a sleek necklace.

You can also wear a couple of subtle bangles or bracelets to complete your look.

#5. Bag it well

Pair with a scarf or a nice hairdo

The small bags or purses go well with it because of its loose fit, as a kaftan looks pretty bulky.

So, whether you’re wearing a kaftan, pick up a bag or a little box.

Choose the one that suits the hue of the kaftan. You will appear uber-trendy for a casual outing in a kaftan by way of pairing it with a small bag.

So pair your long so dazzling kaftan with a light and elegant clutch for an evening party.

The whole point is not to overdo the size of your shoes when you’re wearing a large outfit already.

#6. Pair with a scarf or a nice hairdo

If you love to wear a headscarf, you may be able to compliment your kaftan with such elegance.

By pairing your beautiful dress with a nice headscarf, you can carry a trendy look with modesty, both contrast and the same color can go.

Whereas with high hair buns are appropriate, you can also wear straight or curly hair, this varies from time to time.

So girls, just adopt these excellent tricks of style and get ready to rock in chic and trendy kaftans this season!

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