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What Age Can Baby Go In Bike Trailer?

As babies grow, you tend to take them wherever you go. They offer you such a great company, and you just can’t leave them behind.

If coincidentally, you happen to be a biking enthusiast, it becomes even more challenging to handle the kid when you are biking outside.

If you will be riding outdoors with your kid, you will need a good bike trailer. This means that you have to be extra choosy so as to find a good bike trailer for your child.

At WENY, we are all about giving you relevant news that relates to your lifestyle and what surrounds us in general. For today, let’s talk about the bike trailers. If you will be getting one for your kid, at what age is it right to ride it with the baby in there?

That is what we will be discussing today. So, let’s get on with it.

What Is The Ideal Bike Trailers For Cycling With A Baby?

Okay, we won’t dive deep into the right bike trailer you should get for your baby, but we will give you a rough idea of the perfect unit.

Generally, the bike trailers are more like a chariot or a carriage, but with a single wheel on either side of the seating area.

At the back of the trailer, you can have a storage pouch that comes with a flip cover. The storage pouch will be usually fixed in place by either zip or Velcro.

On the other side of the trailer (the front side), you will have an arm or boom, which will secure onto the frame of the bike by connecting it. Usually, this connecting kit will come with the trailer.

Suppose you will be pulling the trailer by more than one bike, you should consider one that comes with additional hitch kits. Here, you won’t have to swap the fixings too often.

In most cases, you will find a bike trailer that can hold two passengers. There will be a bench-type seat with safety harnesses.

This will be to keep everything in order and that the kids are kept in place too. Still, you can find trailers that come with storage pockets for carrying stuff like snacks, drinks, or stuffed toys for the kids.

Better yet, you can get jogging strollers bike trailers, which can transform from a stroller to a bike trailer. If you tend to jog and walk too many times, this type of trailer should be your ideal pick.

What Age Can a Baby Go In the Trailer?

Now, here is the major point of discussion. It is good that you are thinking about the child’s safety by purchasing a good bike trailer for your baby. But, what is the right age to put the baby in the trailer?

Generally, kids can travel in the bike trailers when they can support their heads on their own. Typically, this should be around the age of 12 and 18 months.

Nevertheless, you can get some models that let you transport a rear-facing car seat. This way, you can start using a trailer virtually from when the baby is a newborn.

But you should check with your Health Visitor to know if it is okay to transport your newborn baby in a bike trailer. You don’t want to expose your little one to dangers.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the laws and regulations in your area before you can start riding the bike trailer with the toddler in there. Generally, every state, and country, comes with different laws for transporting kids on the bike.

Generally, consider these two things when deciding if your baby should ride in the trailer;

  • The body of the baby should be able to handle the jostling movements of bike travel. Also, the body should be able to withstand the occasional jolt or even an accident (if it happens).
  • If the neck of the baby can support the weight of a bike helmet without causing them any possible dangers.

Suppose the answer to both these situations is yes, then you can go ahead and ride with the baby in the bike trailer. Just remember to stay safe while at it.

Quick Safety Tips When Putting Helmets on the Kid

It is important to always put a helmet on the baby as you ride the bike trailer. That is the law, and you should not even think of breaking it.

The same way you put a helmet on you is the same you should have your baby wear a helmet. However, there are some things you should observe when putting a helmet on your baby.

Of course, the first thing is to ensure you find a good helmet that can perfectly protect the child in case of an accident of any sort.

When choosing the helmet for the baby, go for one that weighs around 100g. It should be lightweight, but also strong enough.

Nevertheless, you should not go for those sporty helmets that come with a pointy bit at the end. Those helmets will push the head of the child forward in the seat.

This will then affect the natural position of the neck and cause a possible chock hazard. Ideally, go for one that comes with a round end.

The helmet must meet the recognized standards, which should fit comfortably and should fasten as needed.

A good helmet must lessen the issues linked with a head bounce or rolling, especially when a child is asleep in the trailer. Even when the child leans over, the helmet should be able to cradle and protect their head accordingly.

All in all, ensure that you follow the proper safety tips when using the bike trailer with your baby. Also, remember that a bike trailer is very beneficial to have if you will be riding away with your little one.

For those that enjoy jogging and riding, it is important to go for a convertible trailer. This way, you can jog or walk down the street, or simply hook the trailer to your bike and get moving. Either way, make sure you choose the right unit.

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