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Why Mercedes is the Best Luxury Car Brand?

Owning a luxury car is a dream come true for most of you. The market is literally flooded with various types and brands of luxury cars. Although all the luxury car makers have made a mark for themselves in the market, some believe that Mercedes Benz is the best luxury car amongst them all.

If you go through the catalogue of Mercedes cars, you will come across many models and vehicles of different body structures. Some are SUVs and some are sedans. All of their cars fall under the luxury car segment. However, which one you choose is entirely on your needs and budget.

Reasons That Support Mercedes to Be the Best Luxury Car Around

There are several reasons that support the fact that Mercedes Benz is the best luxury car brand in the market at present. Although there are other brands in the same category, as well, very few of them can match up with Mercedes in various areas. Here are some of the reasons that prove this fact about this German carmaker.

  1. Performance That Is Responsive: The moment you sit behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz car at Mercedes Dealers – Northstar Motors, you will automatically feel the urge from deep within to explore the roadways. Whether you talk about a Mercedes coupe or a sedan or a convertible or even an SUV, all of them come with highly advanced engines that provide you with effortless driving experience. The engines are highly efficient, do not produce much noise, and come with 7 to 9-speed automatic transmissions.
  2. Unique Styling: When a Mercedes car whizzes past on the road, even the most ignorant will recognize the brand from its three-pointed star mark. All the models that come out of a Mercedes factory come with equal elegance, charm, and style and are truly unique. The cars are usually taut, dramatic air intakes, contouring, side mirror-integrated turning lights, blazing taillights and headlights, and many more features that are unique to the brand.
  3. Best in Class Safety: Mercedes cars come with multiple systems that work together in providing you with proper protection at any given time. When you sit inside the cabin of a Mercedes car, you will automatically feel that it is one of the safest places for you to be, which is the truth. You will get multiple airbag protection, Electronic Stability Program, 3-point seatbelts with ETDs, and Road Assistance.
  4. High-Class Technology: It was long before the remote start technology got introduced in cars, Mercedes Benz had already introduced such features and many more in its line of luxury vehicles. The trend has been going on for them to date. For example, the E-class sedan is probably one of the techiest cars in the market. It comes with 64-color LED ambient lighting, a touchpad controller, a 12.3-inch COMAND display, and Car-to-X communication. The last one helps the drivers of E-Class to exchange warnings, traffic updates, and weather information. All of these prove that Mercedes cars are certainly way ahead of their time as compared to others.

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