Best Time To Visit Ireland – Complete Head to Toe To Plan Your Holiday

If you are planning to roam at Ireland then hold on! You need to ask the weather forecast before you land there.

Ireland is as simple to write and hear. But to stay there is actually a challenging task. No doubt that Ireland is a wonderful place but the best time to visit Ireland should be in your knowledge so that you can enjoy your vacations in a well-planned manner.

You can visit here in the festival season when events are taking place. The weather of this place is a mystery. The climate changes every second. You have to be careful while you plan to visit Ireland.

I have visited this place and this place is wonderful, the place I have imagined in my dreams. I have complete knowledge of this place, the climate, the festival, everything.

So, can I take you to an imaginary tour? May I?

Ok! Come!

Best Time of Year to Visit Ireland

Before you plan your holiday here, check for the best time to visit Ireland. Your plan depends on the season and climatic conditions.

In Ireland, there is a moist climate because of the southwestern winds and warm gulf stream along with the western coast. This place is 70 miles away from the sea.

Let me give you the idea about the Ireland temperature

  1. January: 4-7°C
  2. February: 5-7°C
  3. March: 6-7°C
  4. April: 8°C
  5. May: 11°C
  6. June: 13°C
  7. July: 15°C
  8. August: 14°C
  9. September: 13°C
  10. October: 10°C
  11. November: 7°C
  12. December: 6°C

This was the detail about the temperatures. I think you have got the idea about temperature feel.

You can make out that July and August are the warmest months in Ireland. Best time to visit Ireland is from June – September. In the month of July and August, there is a time for Irish holidays. Irish families enjoy holidays during this period.

Price rises accordingly. I mean to say if you are planning to visit Ireland during this period, then you have to make your pocketful. Because this season is somewhat pricey.

One more good news is that these are the sunniest months with 5-6 hours of sunshine.

Avoid going here from November to February as the light period is very less during this month. A Light period is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Best Time To Visit Ireland During Festival Season

Well! If you are a festival freak, then let me tell you that festival time is the best time to visit Ireland. I went here during the festival as I am a festival freak.

We will utter the names of the festivals along with the months and then you decide which is the best time to visit Ireland for you. I mean which kind of festival you like the most. It depends on; Whether you are an art lover, you are literature freak, you are food freak. Whatever is your choice. All the festivals are different from one another.

Here comes the festival list:

  1. February: Dublin International Film Festival.
  2. March: St. Patrick’s Day Festival.
  3. April: Cuirt International Festival of Literature.
  4. May: Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Cork International Choral Festival, Fleadh Nua Music Festival.
  5. June: Bloomsday Festival, Cork Midsummer Festival, Irish Durby Festival.
  6. July: Galway Arts Festival, West Cork Chamber Music Festival.
  7. August: Dublin International Horse Show, Kilkenny Art Festival, Oul’s Lammas Fair.
  8. September: Clarenbridge Oyster Festival, Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival.
  9. October: Belfast Festival At Queen’s, Cork Jazz Festival, Dublin Theatre Festival.

These were the famous festivals in Ireland. Now, it is up to you, you have to decide the best time to visit Ireland that suits you. I have given you the list. These festivals are wonderful, You can gather knowledge about the Irish culture when you are here during these festivals.

The local Irish food you can taste, Irish food is marvelous. If you are foody. Then, this is the best time to visit Ireland.

I think you should say thanks to me. Alright! Jokes apart!

I need to tell you some more. If you wanna know more? Walk with me.

What To Pack When Planning For Ireland

Here comes an important point. Whenever we plan for the holiday. We pack our bag. We pack that according to the climatic conditions. Before you pack your bag for Ireland, I need to tell you something important.

Time To Visit Ireland

Average rainfall in Ireland is 1500mm or you can say 59 inches.

So, you need to pack an umbrella, a warm coat, a windcheater, a parachute fabric bag, long shoes, and some eatables of your choice with you.

Raindrops can sprinkle at your footstep anytime in Ireland. So, never ever forget to bring an umbrella with you.

The cool windy climate can make you ill, that’s why you need to carry a warm coat with you. You may experience chilly winds in the summer and warm days in winters.

In the rainy season, you may have the problem with the food search. So, take the wise advice that always brings some eatables with you. Bring tea bags, coffee bags, and some chunks along with you.

If you wanna party hard, then you can bring your own wine with you, because if you buy wine over there, you may remain with the less penny. I think you got that. Right?

Words Of Cessation

I think I have given you the extreme knowledge about the best time to visit Ireland. As I have told you that there is always a mystery behind the history. I mean mystery behind the climate of Ireland.

The best time to visit Ireland is late spring and early Autumn. Festivals are also at the peak during these months. Festival season is the heart-catching season. I love to spend my holidays during this season. If you ask me, from my point of view, the festival season is the best time to visit Ireland.

Well, I think you have got the idea. You can plan for Ireland well. Tell me if you need answers to some more questions. I am there to help you out.

Till then, stay happy! Enjoy your holidays!

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An engineer by profession, blogger by choice and traveler by passion defines me best.

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