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Detox Water Recipes – The Easiest Ways To Detox Your Body

Are you stressed up about getting a proper fitness routine?

It is not always possible to incorporate the regular exercise and the healthy food habits that help us to lead a healthy lifestyle. Most of you are on your feet at all times and thus indulge in many activities that might be termed ‘unhealthy’.

Thus if there is an easy way to counter this, then why not right? The easiest healthy habit that you can incorporate into your life is – having detox waters. These are not only very easy to make but also very refreshing. They can help you to stay in shape as well!

How can detox waters help you?

Detox waters are essential for two types – water infusions or green tea based.

Keeping our body hydrated is a very important thing. But water in itself is quite tasteless. One of the biggest benefits of having detox water is that the great tastes will encourage you to have more water on a daily basis.

Another very good thing about detox water is that it will help you in your fight against losing weight. Most of the detox waters have amazing benefits that will aid you to stay healthy.

Here are 10 detox water recipes that will help you to go through your day and stay healthy and fit

1. Orange Detox

Orange Detox Water Recipes

Orange is one of the tastiest fruits in the fruit kingdom. Not only does it give your taste buds that citrus
tang but is very good for the body as well.

Orange is a very versatile fruit, and the best part is that you can add other fruits along with it as well since it tastes delicious with any combination.

Check out some benefits of orange detox

a) Contains Vit-C

It contains a lot of Vitamin C that is very good for the body. It helps your immunity to grow. People who suffer from a cough and cold should incorporate this into their daily routine in order to counter that.

b) Prevents bad breath

It helps to deal with bad breath. Oranges are a great way to deal with bad breath and get a minty fresh breath. Mint and orange is a very good combination, helping you to relieve bad breath.

c) Proper blood circulation

It helps in blood circulation as well. If you have a good blood circulation, then you will automatically have very good hair and skin. Along with healthy smooth skin, you will get a very good shine to it as well.

d) Helps in weight loss

The best part is that the fruit helps you to lose weight as well. So when you are drinking this particular fruit infusion; you are actually helping your body to lose weight.

How can you make the drink?

To make this drink, you have to put 4 to 5 slices of oranges in a glass of water. It is recommended that
you slice up the oranges in fat slices as more the flesh the better will be the taste of the infusion. It is

best to rest the mix for at least half an hour before you drink it. This allows all the juices in the orange to
flow into the infusion. You can add some mint leaves or even berries to this infusion.

2. Berry last

Berry Detox Water

If you like berries, then you will absolutely love this infusion. Berries are a very versatile fruit as there are many different varieties of berries available in the market. You can incorporate all the different types namely, blueberries, raspberries, and even strawberries. Berries have been in the news for the longest time possible for their high level of antioxidant that helps to fight cancer.

Check out some benefits of Berry detox

a) Rich in antioxidants

Since it contains a high level of anti-oxidants, it is a great way to take precaution against cancer. Another very good thing about antioxidants is that it helps to boost your immune system. Thus berries are a very healthy option. The high amount of antioxidants help you to stay strong and fit. This also helps you to improve your digestion.

b) Helps to lose weight

Consuming berries is a great way to lose weight. When you are infusing berries with water, you are ensuring that all those weight losing properties are being infused in the water, and thus you are helping yourself lose weight.

How can you make the drink?

For this drink, you will require all the different types of berries available to you. Strawberry is a must as they add most to the infusion. You can add some pieces of lemon to the mix as well. All you have to do is plop in the berries and the lemon pieces into some water.

Leave it for around 1 hour and then drink it to enjoy a very refreshing drink. You can even munch on the berries once you have finished your drink!

3. Cucumber Water

Cucumber Detox Water

Cucumber is one of the best fruit to keep your body cool. It is not only very refreshing but filled with many health benefits as well. Using cucumbers as a health drink has been around for years and thus it was no surprise when it became one of the most popular fruit potions. The recipe also includes mint that in itself has many different health benefits.

Beneftis of Cucumber Water

a) Removes toxins from the body

Cucumber is excellent to counter all the toxins in the body. Our body needs to detoxify the toxins in order to make us healthy and more active. When you are incorporating cucumber in your diet, you are making sure that the toxins are being flushed out from the body.

b) Mint is fantastic in refreshing your body

Mint is an excellent source of refreshment. When you are feeling tired, a little bit of mint helps to make you refreshed and adds new life to your day.

c) Cucumber is a great way to lose fat

It helps to increase your BMR, which in turn helps you to lose weight. It also aids your digestion.

d) Morning Drink

Cucumber drink is a perfect morning drink with the breakfast or a supper drink as it fastens up the digestion process.

How to prepare the drink?

This is a very easy infusion to make. All you need to do is- slice up some cucumber is circles and tear a few mint leaves. Just place the cucumbers in a glass and pour some water on it. You can crush up the mint leaves by hand before you add them to the drink for best results. Add a piece of lemon if you want to add some zing!

4. Apple Mix

Apple Detox Water

Apples have been known as the healthiest fruit in the fruit family. If you want to make sure that you have a healthy lifestyle, then add some apple to your day. One of the best ways to do so is by having an apple infused Water.

Benefits of having apples

a) Flush out the toxins from your body

his is an excellent way to flush out the toxins from your body- Apples not only help to get rid of the toxins but also increase the health of your cells. It provides the body cells with the nourishment that they need to develop our body.

b) Apple helps to increase your immunity

Apples make sure that you have the strength to ward off diseases by increasing your body’s immunity system.

How to prepare the drink?

There are two ways of preparing the drink – by using apple juice and without using apple juice. In the first infusion, you can incorporate some apple juice. You need to mix half and half of apple juice and water.

Once mixed add in some freshly cut up apples. Stir the mixture well and let it sit for 15 minutes before you have it. The next option does not require any apple juice. You can directly chop up some apples and put them in a glass.

Next, add some water and let it rest for at least an hour. You can add a few sprinkles of mint to the mix to make it more refreshing.

5. Cherries for you

Cherries Detox Water Recipe

Cherries are very fun fruit. They are not only very pretty but a healthy snack as well. When you consume this cherry infusion, you will notice that it is a very refreshing drink as well. It is best to have this during the mid-day. But this simple infusion has a lot of benefits that will help you to lead a healthier life.

Benefits of Cherries

a) It helps to fight against cancer

It has been proved that in taking cherries will help you to fight cancer and make your body much more immune to the disease.

b) Fight arthritis

Another very good thing about cherries is that this is the only fruit that has proved to help fight arthritis. If you have symptoms of arthritis or even fighting it, then it is recommended that you incorporate this infusion into your daily habits.

How to prepare the drink?

The best way to prepare the drink is by taking some chilled water and plop some cherries into it. You need to rest the infusion for a few minutes before you drink it in order to let the cherries infuse with the drink. This not only makes for a very refreshing drink but you can also eat up the cherries once your drink is complete as it is a great little snack.

6. Raspberry delight

Raspberry Detox Water Recipes

Raspberry infusion detox drink is one of the most popular drinks. Raspberries in itself contain a lot of antioxidants that are great for the body. Raspberries are sessional and are found in plenty.

It makes a very good snack. Raspberries have many different benefits that you can get through this drink. You can
also use some dates in this particular to make it sweeter. Dates too are a great source of vitamin C.

Benefits of Raspberry

a) Rich in antioxidants

Raspberries contain a lot of anti-oxidants that have been proved to help fight cancer. You can be sure that when you consume a lot of berries, including raspberries you can help your body fight cancer producing cells. This also helps you to increase your metabolism and thus lose weight.

b) Helps in weight loss

Having Raspberries are a great way to lose weight. This drink will be a great pick you up, and you can include it in your diet in order to shed those few extra pounds.

c) Raspberries are too refreshing

When you are having a raspberry infused drink, you will feel refreshed and will be filled with a whole new vigor.

How to make this infusion?

All you will be required is to put in some raspberries in a glass of chilled water. Let it sit for a few minutes, as this will ensure that the water gets infused with the raspberries.

A great way to add some sweetness to the drink is by adding some dates. This drink will help you to deal with your sweet cravings as well.

7. Wake me up

Lemon Detox Water Recipes

This is the perfect drink for the morning! This is the modified version of the classic lemonade. Keeping the theme of infusion in mind rather than using the juice of a lemon, you are actually using pieces of lemon.

This is a universal drink and one of the easiest way to lose weight. Lemon is one of the most beneficial fruit. It goes great with all other fruits and is a tasty concoction on its own as well. Adding some honey to the mix makes it a bit sweet. Thus it is great for the morning.

If you are having it during the day, then add some mint to it to make it more refreshing.

Benefits of Lemonade Infused water

a) The biggest benefit of lemon that it does wonders to the fat cells of the body

It not only helps to fight the cellulite but also makes sure that it does not grow back for continuous consumption.

b) Wakes you up

Another very good thing about this particular drink is that it is a very good wake you up as it helps you to feel awake with the citrusy taste it offers.

c) It also aids in digestion

You can have a glass of this after a very meal in order to help your body digest the food much more easily.

d) Add honey and mint leaves for greater benefits

The honey and the mint also has a lot of benefits. Honey in itself is another friend against your fight with weight. You can easily incorporate this into the drink to make it sweeter and thus help you to deal with your sweet craving in a very healthy way.

How to prepare this infusion?

This is one of the easiest one-stop prepare. Thus slice up some lemons and add it to the water. Add a teaspoon of honey and some mint leaves. You can drink the infusion then and there itself!

8. Green tea infusion

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best drinks to have on today’s date. It has a lot of different health benefits that has made it one of the most popular drinks available today.

Benefits of Green tea

a) Antioxidant-rich

Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants that help to fight cancer.

b) Excellent for digestive system

It is very good for the digestive system as well as it helps the small intestines to function better. You can use green tea as a good thing for bowel movement as well.

c) Good for weight loss

Green tea helps in the fight against weight. It has been proved that green tea helps to increase the BMR and thus helps you to lose weight faster.

How to make this infusion?

You have to first brew up some green tea. Once it has cooled down you can add some pieces of lemon into the drink. You can even add fruits like strawberries to make it more appealing to the taste buds.

9. Fruit fusion on the go

Fruit fusion detox water

This contains a lot of different types of fruits. This is one of the best drinks to carry on the go as well.

Fruits in themselves are a very good thing for the body. If you are on a diet, then this is the best way to go. You just need to dice up some fruits of your choice and add them to a container.

Pour some water into it and let it sit for a while. You can even pour the whole thing into a travel-friendly bottle and carry it wherever you go. Once you’re done with the drink, munch on the fruits for a healthy and filling snack.

10. Watermelon detox

Watermelon detox water recipe

Watermelon juice is again another one of the best detoxes around. It helps to keep your body cool, and since it contains a lot of water, it does not require you to dilute it at all.

Watermelon juice can also be mixed with lemon and berries. You just need to prepare some watermelon juice and add some wedges of lemon and a few berries. You can drink it up to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

These infusions are a great way to keep your body hydrated as well as stay healthy. All of them help you to keep your weight in check and lose those extra pounds that keep bothering you.

You can have these drinks chilled or at room temperature. You can even carry them around in a travel-friendly sipper!

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