Dominican Republic Beaches – The Best Ever Place To Plan Your Holiday!

I have met many people who love coastal areas, they always desire to explore the new area, new beaches. If are of that kind then I take you to Dominican Republic Beaches.

Well, These beaches are cleaned and rich in flora and fauna. You can enjoy many activities over here like watersports, long-distance hiking, parched deserts, monuments etc.

And the good news is that it is the least expensive one. So what are you waiting for?

Ohh, I got you, You are becoming very curious. Am I right?

Wait, I have to tell you more interesting tales about the place.

Come, Let’s Go.

Beaches You Need To Explore Among Dominican Republic Beaches

1. Crystal Clear Water: The Punta Cana Beach

This one is the wonderful and astonishing beach. The Punta Cana Beach is enriched with beautiful white sand and turquoise colored water.

Ohh, My, The water is crystal clear, I enjoyed a relaxing sunbath. If you want cozy comfort, then this one is the best place for you. Comforting resorts are nearby which fits into your pocket.

So, here you can have fun with less load on the credit card.

Water sports activities like the water balloon, banana ride etc are heart taking. I enjoyed and had fun like anything. Best beach ever among Dominican Republic Beaches.

So, when you gonna go here? Tell me?

2. Go Green: The Playa Rincon

This one is at the eastern coast of the island on the Samana peninsula. With the title go green you can make out that the Playa Rincon is enriched with greenery. The lush green forest is the beauty of this beach, you can see the high seaside cliffs.

If you are a food lover, then you are in the right place. This beach has enormous amounts of restaurants which offer you a kit-kat deal. You ever gonna forget that taste.

I am a big foodie! If you are? You gotta go there.

3. Want peace? Visit Juan Dolio

This beach is also amazing. This is best for peace seekers. If you are seeking peace, then this one is the place for you. This place is less rushy, this place is little less lively.

It’s not that you cannot have fun over here, you can have fun even in peace, you get time to talk to your loved ones.

If you are going here with your beloved, then you gonna rock this place man. No worries, too far away from the noise of the city.

Just, Peace and Peace! What else can I say?

4. Love Gold – Playa Dorada

The Playa Dorada is situated on the north coast near Puerto Plata. This is enriched with golden sand. The golden color is its beauty. Playa Dorada shiny beach with golden sand.

Good news is that if you are a food and shopping freak, then, you must go here. Lots of shopping malls are nearby. Street food near to this beach is amazing.

Ladies, Don’t try to bring lots of money or your credit cards with you. Because you gonna spend a lot of shopping here. This is also called shopping beach of Dominican Republic Beach.

Dreaming of? I leave with this thought.

5. UNESCO Approved – Macao Beach

Well, This beach is UNESCO approved beach among all Dominican Republic Beaches. This is a highly rated beach among Dominican Republic Beaches. This one is the biggest beach ever.

The water waves are amazing here. The tide is very high on the day of the dark moon. Be aware! If you are there on the day of the dark moon. Now, don’t start worrying about this so much.

You can enjoy water rides, sunbath and can have a fun of massage. Many massage and relaxing centers are nearby here.

Go for it.

6. Playa Sosua: The Busiest Beach Ever

This one is the second busiest beach among Dominican Republic Beaches. If you have planned for style vacation. This place is the best for you.

Playa Sosua beach is U-shaped beach. On every Sunday, this beach is densely populated. You can make new friends on Sunday if you are looking for someone.

You know, what I mean…

Nearby market is also there. You can enjoy the shopping, the food. This place is densely populated.

You gotta see this.

7. Cabarete: Talk To The Winds

Hmm…This one is my favorite. Ask me why? It’s because I love kiteboarding and windsurfing. From the big wind to big waves, they take you to the wind rides as well as the waves rides.

I love water sports activities. If you are fearless like me, stroll here! I promise it’s a breath-holding experience.

If you want your adrenaline hormone running. Go for it.

The night lights and life stay here together, the findings are wonderful, mouthwatering.

This one is the least expensive among Dominican Republic beaches. So, if you are on vacation with your family here, you need not see your pocket.

I think you are convinced.

8. Cayo Levantado: The Fun Although

This is situated just off to the south coast of the Semana Peninsula, the island of Cayo Levantado.

This beach is amazing with the lush green greenery around, this is the best place for nature lovers. This is most cleaned beach among all Dominican Republic Beaches.

Since it is surrounded by the island. Great resorts and hotels are there. You can enjoy fine-dine in a lush green valley.

Those who love fresh food, then are dread right because great garden restaurants are here who serve you fresh and best food.

In The Nutshell

If you desire to go to coastal areas, then, Dominican Republic Beaches are the best beaches to visit. You gonna have to love with them.

I visited here for once, but I desire to go here again and again. I am in love with. These beaches are magical beaches which magnetize the people.

Plan your holiday at Dominican Republic Beaches. Your holidays will be the best ever.

So, what are you thinking? Come on! Pack your bags and go for it.

Jaspreet Kaur

An engineer by profession, blogger by choice and traveler by passion defines me best.

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