Fun and Educational Activities for Kids in New Orleans

If you have set your sights on moving to or visiting New Orleans with your kids, you will surely want to see only the best of the best of attractions when you arrive in this fantastic city.

Although you might not be able to savor the exhilarating New Orleans nightlife by cruising around Bourbon Street with your little ones, there is really no cause for concern. Namely, there are so many fun and educational activities for kids and adults in New Orleans that you’ll probably struggle with making a realistic itinerary for your visit to the Crescent City.

We believe that a successful road trip to New Orleans should be oriented towards experiencing what this unique city is all about. In fact, we warmly suggest you fully embrace this opportunity and visit the New Orleans historic landmarks with your kids.

Also, be sure not to miss out on the authentic NOLA experience, which necessarily involves dancing to the sultry tunes of New Orleans jazz, going on a ghost hunt, and eating beignets and po’boys with your kids all day long. If you intend to relocate to New Orleans, you can use this guide to introduce your kids to the city or to get familiar with your new neighborhood and where it is located in relation to these institutions and locations in the city.

Audubon Park

Audubon Park is bordered by St. Charles Avenue on the one hand and the Mississippi River on the other. Your kids will love this park for a number of reasons, one of them being the fact that this park houses the Audubon Zoo and Audubon Aquarium. However, it is not only the opportunity to learn about the animal kingdom that makes this park so unique.

Namely, its green spaces are what makes this park an outstandingly beautiful location to spend your day at. It is famous for its ancient oak trees, sports courts, picnic spots, and playgrounds.

Apart from the mentioned activities, we suggest you pay a visit to Bird Island, an island in the middle of a lagoon, which is a large nesting territory and migratory base for hundreds of bird species. You can soak up the sun while your kids explore this island or climb the Tree of Life, known as a favorite climbing (and wedding!) spot in New Orleans.

Magic Box Toys

If you get tired of sightseeing around the city, we suggest you visit New Orleans’ best toy store. Magic Box Toys was founded in 1995 and has been a prominent New Orleans landmark for kids ever since. This independently-owned business is stock full of NOLA-inspired toys and trinkets, which means that visiting Magic Box Toys will animate your kids for hours.

From retro nostalgia-inducing toys to Legos and stuffed animals, you can use this opportunity to treat your kids with something nice while you shop for gifts for your friends and relatives.

Louisiana Children’s Museum

If you are more inclined towards nurturing your kids’ appreciation for culture, art, and science, New Orleans is the place for you.

There are many excellent museums all around New Orleans, but the Louisiana Children’s Museum located in City Park sets itself apart because it specifically caters to children with its interactive and educational exhibitions and workshops.

With its 8.5-acre surface area, this museum offers plenty of fun activities, such as the Play with Me Room for babies and toddlers, where your little munchkins can enjoy a puppet show or various storytelling workshops. If your kids get hungry, you can stop at the Follow that Food space where your kids can weigh vegetables and fruits, which they can then ‘prepare’ in a Creole-inspired kitchen.

As you can see, the city council’s efforts to invest in institutions that proliferate educational programs and content that is specifically designed to instigate interest in children is what makes living in New Orleans particularly rewarding. So, if you have been planning to move to New Orleans for good, be sure to hire a local moving crew for assistance.

There are many reputable companies in the area if you need help creating a new home here, just make sure you reach out to them ahead of time.

Audubon Butterfly Sanctuary

The historic building that houses the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium was built all the way back in 1848 and is known for being one of the biggest museums of its kind in North America. Hence, it is one of the most popular locations in the country for observing live insects and learning about their habitats and different varieties.

Unsurprisingly, the most visited exhibit is the Butterfly Sanctuary, which is home to around 700 butterflies that fly freely in the garden. There is also a koi fish pond where you can see red-footed tortoises lounging on the sides of the pond.

Interestingly enough, even cockroaches are given their 5-minutes of glory in the Insects of New Orleans gallery. Namely, they are exhibited in a tiny 1950s style kitchen that makes them look gigantic. How neat is that?

French Quartour Kids

The French Quartour Kids is actually a franchise of different tours and events that are designed to present New Orleans’ culture and heritage in a fun and accessible way.

Our suggestion is to go on the French Quarter Kids: Spooky Tour, especially if you are new to this concept. This family tour takes you through the famously haunted sites in the city like the LaLaurie Mansion, where you have to use ghostbusting tools like ectoplasm and thermal energy detectors to hunt down the ghosts of New Orleans.

All in all, we hope this brief guide on fun and educational activities for kids in New Orleans has helped you get a clearer picture of what it is like to spend time with your kids in the Big Easy. Have fun and enjoy your stay to the fullest!

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