10 Most Romantic Destinations in India – Places to Enjoy With Your Love

India is a potpourri of romantic experiences that you really shouldn’t miss out on.

Romance prepares the food for the elements that take in a loving relationship.

Without it, setting your partner’s heart on and hero worship of one another will almost assuredly peter out, rendering the tie in dry as dust and run of the mill.

Getting insight into the noteworthiness of going over romance in your relationships will add spark to your love life, stretched out hunches of pinioning result in your ne plus ultra transports of delight for years to come.

Spontaneity, out of the middle of the road activities that push for a sense of a kick, such as hiking in the woods together, getting lost on a drive, or doing something crazy is archways to create romance in and out of the adventure.

And what stuff a romantic destination is going to add to the love and adoration for each other? Yes, unequivocally, romantic destination for love is what no one can shake a stick at.

Looking for the most romantic destinations in India you want to pay a call on?

Here is your guide to discovering India’s most romantic destinations that guarantee an unforgettable time with your better half. Go over the list with a fine tooth comb and enjoy the light show.

10 Most Romantic Destinations in India

1. The Lovey-dovey Srinagar


Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best place to hang your hat in Srinagar isn’t a hotel but a houseboat on the Dal, or adjoining Nageen Lake.

This amazing Lake is the most celebrated and of-note lake amongst all in Srinagar. It is the limelight of carved wooden houseboats, full of beans shikaras and buoyant gardens.

Spotlight to Dal Lake is the Pir Panjal mountain pass, adding to the magnificence of this picture postcard outlook. Don’t forget to pull up stakes here early morning to see Srinagar’s crying up floating market.

2. The epitome of love, Taj Mahal

taj mahal

The testimony of true love is one of the most drop-dead gorgeous spots around the globe. The Taj Mahal gets a load of myriad, casting a spell over everyone due to architectural beauty nonpareil to any other structure in the world.

Taj Mahal is one of the nearly all notable memorials in the world located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The red letter feature of the Taj Mahal is that it changes its color for the whole of the day.

3. Queen of hill stations, Shimla


One of the most celebrated winter destinations in the country, mainly for its vicinity to the larger cities and rubbing shoulders with beer and skittles, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh is another romantic place to get snowed in.

The majestic snow clad mountains, imposingly well of greenery and easy on the eyes lakes in the land of Shimla welcome you to enjoy the gazillions of beauty. There’s absolutely no wonder calling Shimla, the Queen of Hill Stations.

At the center of the town is the Shimla Ridge, which holds out the picturesque view of mountain peaks. If you have a lust for the view of mountains, Shimla is going to be your dream destination.

4. Manali, the ideal romantic spot


Located within the earshot of the northern end of the Kullu Valley, at an elevation of 2,050 m in the Beas River Valley, this place is adjacent to the gargantuan snow clad mountains is one of the most romantic destinations in India.

Wrapped in thick forests, there are fields full of wildflowers, small scenic hamlets, and fruit piled high orchards.

A plethora of cottages with mountain vistas and virgin atmosphere make it a copybook for a honeymoon and also there is a shedload of Manali packages that can give you around the clock romantic experience.

If you and your other half are venture junkies, then give rein to thumping great activities as there are a plenty of things to do in Manali, from hiking to skiing and even in camping in the awe-inspiring valleys of Manali.

5. Shillong, the mob of hypnotizing landscapes


Shillong is a hill station located in the north-eastern state of Meghalaya. Shillong is sought after land known all over the planet for its laid-back and immaculate beauty. The rainy season is the best time to be at Shillong with your partner.

6. Lonavala, waterfall dip


We are not suggesting to get to Lonavala during the overloaded weekends, but rather the days of the week when you can sun yourself in the pristine beauty here at peace. Along with the backcloth, also take a dip at the waterfall along with your partner.

7. Goa, two alluring worlds


Yes Goa, for it comes up with the two gripping worlds. Couples wanting to party can dance at the hip places that have made a name for them for their nightlife. Meanwhile, you can take up quiet times at the sparsely populated beaches of Goa.

8. Pondicherry, quaint hamlet


A bizarre hamlet giving a French feel, Pondicherry is too good to be true for couples to ease up on, taking themselves off from all their worries. Give boulevard a once over, laze about together and go on the spree in the glorious view of the sunrise over the beach.

9. The gorgeous Ladakh


Arid land, Ladakh is so barren and the terrain to harsh that only the dearest of friends or the fiercest of enemies will visit you!

The raw beauty and splendid nature of Ladakh will mesmerize you and leave you yearning for more. The beauty of this landscape is peppered with bumpy mountains; the mighty Indus flowing through deep valleys and sky-scraping Mountain passes will take you to the sky right away.

10. Scotland of India, Coorg


Romantic gateway among honeymoon couples, Coorg is fondly called as Scotland of India. You will give thanks to its viridescent teak and sandalwood forests, lulling hills and fanned out aromatic coffee and tea plantations. Forget in each other at Taj Vivanta, snug down in amidst tree clustered hill range and abundant rainforest.

These romantic destinations in India are here to delight your love life like never before. Pay a visit to these romantic destinations in India for a quiet and intimate tryst with love and life. So, when you are getting there?

This guide has been written Abbie Ella, who works for Parcels To India, a company that specializes in sending cargo from the UK to India. In her line of work, she has had a chance to visit many places in India.

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