Moving to New York During Winter – Is it a Good Idea?

Moving is never easy. However, moving during the winter can be even more challenging. And for so many reasons.

Cold weather is just one of many factors that can make this whole process so hard to tackle, and in today’s article, we will try to make it bearable. Living in NYC is great.

You have everything that you can possibly want and need at the palm of your hand.

Life is good. However, the time to move must come at one point or another.

It is just the way New York City and its residents live.

And the same rule applies to all of us who are planning on moving to New York.

This winter. Let’s dive in and try to make this whole process simple and stress-free.

Preparation really is everything that matters when moving to New York

It doesn’t really matter if you are planning on moving to NYC, Texas or Alaska – it is almost never easy.

Even with seasoned professionals by your side. There are just so many tasks that need to be handled.

And on time, right before your moving day comes knocking on your door. You will have to gather your medical records, get a job transfer or find a new one, look for new accommodation, pack your things,… And all of these tasks take time.

A lot of it. On the other hand, getting carried away isn’t really an option. You need to stay in charge at all times. Stay focused.

On top of your game. And you need to play it smart. That is, if you are planning on moving to New York during winter and on a budget.

Moving to NYC can be overwhelming

Mother with her child

Moving anywhere new can be that way. It is such a big life change, it would be crazy not to care and to worry. Many things can go wrong. Many tasks need to be tackled the right way.

Things will get crazy, soon enough. That is why you need to come prepared. Even if you are not planning on moving to New York during the winter season.

If you are indecisive about moving here, need some additional time to think things through and get ready – we advise you to take your time. Moving house, and especially when you are moving to another city requires your complete devotion.

You will need to play it smart and stay focused at all times. That is why you need to create some space for yourself. Go for a walk. Take a nap. Have a hot bath. Spend some time with your friends. Recharge your batteries. Trust us, you will thank yourself in the end.

Pros of moving during the winter

Just like any other season, moving during the winter season comes with some pros and cons. When it comes to pros, there are 3 main ones:

  • It is cheaper.
  • It is safer.
  • Finding a mover won’t be hard.

Moving to New York during winter will save you some money

It really will, since winter is not a time most Americans are moving. That is why you have a much better chance of getting some discounts, and saving some money along the way.

Moving kitchen supplies during the summer is much safer

Items that don’t tolerate heat or summer humidity, well, let’s just say that these items are much easier to transport during the winter period. Using all your food before your moving day comes is a great idea, however it isn’t always possible.

On the other hand, throwing away all that food would be a mistake. That is why you should consider moving in cold weather. It is especially handy for people moving with large families. More family members almost always equals more food.

It is easy to find some assistance

Moving on your own sounds good in theory. However, DIY moving projects that include long distance transportation are everything but a good idea. There are just so many things that could go wrong. And especially during the winter season.

That is why it is always a better idea to hire movers. And the best part about it – since winter isn’t really the peak of the moving season, finding reliable and affordable movers won’t be as hard as it could be.

And even though this doesn’t sound like a huge advantage, if you ever had a problem finding yourself a professional mover you already know what we are talking about.

Holiday dinner table

Are there any cons of moving during the winter

The answer to this question is quite simple actually. Moving during the winter could prove to be hard. It is a holiday season, and nobody really wants to move their house at that point.

And nobody is really ready to take this task on. It has so many moving parts, that even thinking about it can make us miserable. And that is only one of the cons that come with moving to New York during winter. Here are some other ones:

  • If you are moving to New York from Florida, or any other state with a similar climate, you’d better get ready for NYC’s winter. Don’t let it surprise you.
  • Traffic jams. They are always there. No matter the season. However, as the weather gets worse, so do them. You can end up stuck in the traffic for hours.
  • NYC attracts many tourists during the winter season, and finding accommodation can take more time than usual.
  • Finding a real estate agent can take a while since most New Yorkers will be visiting their families or enjoying their holidays.
  • Snow can make things messy and your things can get dirty. Of course, with the right kind of moving assistance by your side, this can be easily prevented.

In the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Some of us like moving during the summer, others, on the other hand, prefer the winter season. But, keep in mind – whatever you choose to do, you should always be ready for what’s to come.

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