6 Interesting and Unique Ways to Get Rid of Fat and Feel More Confidence This Year

Popular diet plans, low-calorie meals, extreme workouts, expensive supplements: you’ve tried it all to lose weight.

Maybe at first you were dropping the pounds, only to either come across a weight loss plateau or worse, gain the weight back momentarily. Or, maybe the rate at which you’re losing weight is just too slow.

It’s no surprise if you feel frustrated at this point. Initially, you may have already been suffering physically, emotionally, and mentally due to your weight. Now, you might feel like you’ve lost all hope.

As many knows, losing weight isn’t just about “looking your best;” it’s about feeling your best.

According to the Center for Young Women’s Health, a poor body image can have a negative impact on your overall self-esteem.

Although both men and women can learn to associate positive feelings and emotions with their body, a majority of them continue to struggle.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of excess fat and improve the way you feel inside and out, here are six different weight loss methods you can try:

1. Eat on different dinner plates

A plate is just a fancy object we place our food on, right? Wrong. Plates are so much more than aesthetic and convenient.

n fact, the size of your plate can have a dramatic effect on how big of portions you serve yourself and, thus, consume.

That said, selecting the right dining ware can make a difference in your weight loss journey, that is if eating too many calories is contributing.

By opting for smaller salad plates to serve your dinner on, you will find that you serve yourself less food.

Not only is there less room on the plate to place more food, but psychologically, the portions will look the same size as usual, only that the smaller size of the plate is tricking your mind.

2. Bask in the sunshine more

The sun doesn’t just have the power to improve our mood. It additionally has the potential to help us lose weight, believe it or not.

A study found that increasing vitamin D levels help obese and overweight individuals lose weight. Meanwhile, those with lower vitamin D levels tend to have less fortunate results.

Basking in the sunshine is free and easy to obtain as long as the weather permits. Additionally, this simple act has other benefits you can gain apart from potential weight loss.

Those with very low levels of vitamin D may wish to couple their daily sunshine intake with a vitaimn D supplement, that is, after getting their levels tested by a medical professional.

3. Keep your home cool

We often associate heat with weight loss. We think that getting all hot and sweaty will just melt away our fat. However, a study found that cranking up your air conditioner can help speed up your metabolism.

In the study, men who were within a cold environment at night for a month had an easier time dropping weight.

That said, if you’re hoping to lose weight, one way to speed up your metabolism is by keeping your AC lower for at least 10 hours a day.

When coupled with the appropriate diet and exercise, the coolness of your air conditioner can help you burn fat faster.

4. Try body sculpting

Everyone has different experiences with various weight loss programs and workouts. Some people, unfortunately, just don’t seem to respond well to any method of weight loss that they try.

Even if they do have results, they may be disappointed at how slowly they’re losing weight. In this case, body sculpting might be an ideal weight-loss treatment to try.

This form of treatment reduces fat cells by freezing them without the need for a surgical, painful, unsafe procedure. With multiple sessions, many notice great results that they may have struggled to achieve with diet and exercise alone.

Ready to try body sculpting yourself? Visit the clinic today for a complimentary consultation to see how body sculpting can change your body.

5. Eating out? Don’t sit towards the center

People often believe that when trying to lose weight, eating out is a bad idea. While it’s true that eating homemade, healthy meals at home can help you obtain a slimmer figure, the truth is, most of us will still go out to dinner every now and then.

If and when you do go eat at a restaurant, especially when you’re going with a larger group of people, refrain from sitting towards the center of the table.

Why? Because that’s usually where servers place all the appetizers: slices of bread, chips and salsa, buffalo wings, all those empty calories before you even get your meal.

6. Try different things on the menu

Again, most of us, no matter how much we want to lose weight, will probably still go out to eat at restaurants.

When it comes to celebrating friends’ birthdays and treating ourselves to a night out, we can’t resist going to our all-time favorite eatery.

Truthfully, you shouldn’t have to completely change your entire lifestyle just to lose weight.

A great strategy to ensure your favorite restaurant doesn’t end up contributing to your lack of weight loss is to try different things on the menu.

Rather than ordering an oversized bowl of pasta or a juicy burger, go for the grilled chicken salad or glazed salmon with roasted veggies. Surely, you’ll find a healthier, leaner alternative that you love!


For some people, earning the body of their dreams is no walk in the park. Often, weight loss does not come easy, and unfortunately, it’s not always consistent.

The bad news is, you might not be getting the results you want, even with significant hard work. The good news, however, is that there are other things you can try to potentially drop the pounds.

Eating on smaller dinner plates, intaking more sunshine, keeping your home cooler, giving body sculpting a go, refraining from sitting towards the center of the table at a restaurant, and ordering different things from your favorite eateries are all ways to lose weight and gain confidence in the long run.

Rakesh Khushwaha

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