A Woman’s Guide to Wearing Silver Chain Necklaces in 2020

Every woman will need something to mark their elegance no matter where they are, and sterling silver chain necklaces are excellent for a woman.

Seemingly simple, they combine well with pendants that stand out on everyday clothes and busy dresses.

Silver jewelry brightens up even the most classic of outfits without making a woman vulgar as long as it’s not paired with gold.

One should know, however, how to wear silver chain necklaces to match their outfit perfectly.

Knowing the focal point of your outfit is essential. Since necklaces are meant to draw attention to either the neckline or the bust, you’ll want to match your necklace to the clothes you wear.

Short chains are excellent for attires with high necklines while longer chains go well with lower necklines.

Wearing necklaces means drawing attention to your attire’s focal point, and it should be done by keeping the setting in mind.

Pairing your silver chain with cool colored clothes in the daytime gives out a wow factor to your dress. Should domination be your goal, matching your silver chain with silver clothes, silver handbag, and silver heels would be the thing to do?

The night calls for a different fashion sense, and silver chains would go well with precious stones. Girls’ night outs would allow for more exaggerated chains.

If one wanted to stay professional, though, simple chains would suffice.

The length of the outfit isn’t the only matter of concern but also what your dress is. If you’re wearing something with a lot of designs, then you don’t need a chain with large jewels.

Solid-colored clothes will be given life by layering your necklaces.

Layering your necklaces puts visual weight on your dress. With weight comes the attraction of people’s attention, even when done with light silver chains. It is an effortless way to make a bold statement.

Long silver chains are suitable for short, petite girls when hung between the bust and the waist since it would make her look taller. Layering two chains are good, but more would overwhelm the body.

If you want to know more about how you can wear your silver chain necklaces, see this infographic by Blush Jewelry.


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